Aircraft Carrier Vikramaditya To Join Indian Navy In Nov

With all trials successfully completed in the White Sea and Barents Sea, the Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov) aircraft carrier will be commissioned into Indian Navy service between November 15-20 at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Russia.
The $2.33-billion deal finally delivers nearly a decade after it was signed, and after years of financial and technical turmoil. All considered, the deal goes down as one of the most ill-planned, where virtually every aspect of work on the ship was astonishingly underestimated by both sides, compelling an embarrassing price revision years after contract signature.
Well, now she’s Indian, and she’ll be most welcome. Shano Varuna!

17 thoughts on “Aircraft Carrier Vikramaditya To Join Indian Navy In Nov”

  1. A sense of relaxation to the Indian Navy. Mistakes are from both sides, we cannot just blame the Russians for it. According to me its a good deal, a new aircraft carrier costs a lot.

  2. Simply awesome news! Can't wait for it to come to India. It will be the Navy's Flagship and India projection of military and diplomatic power.

  3. Another testament of our strong Defence ties with Russia . Well we have off lately opened the flood gates of lucrative defence deals to America , one must not forget the help and support the Soviets/Russians gave us in terms of giving access to latest military hardware at prices which India could afford in spite of numerous economic crisis .

  4. " It seems like a good deal considering most of the payments were made before Indian rupee tanked against dollar " – My thoughts too, Sir !

  5. [email protected]:
    No missile defence…for another 2 years…which will pratically mean…4 years…considering historical timelines of delivery…a huge dead duck we have with us now. But gr8 to hear all trials completed and we finally getting it in India…I believe it comes in Jan 2014!

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