Damn! India’s Intermediate Jet Trainer Prototype Crashes

Unbelievable. The first prototype (S-3466) of India’s intermediate jet trainer (HJT-36 Sitara) crashed in Southern India earlier today, but both pilots ejected safe. The HJT-36 aims to achieve initial operational clearance by the end of this year, and has been facing delays as a result of challenges in spin trials. Not sure if today’s accident had anything to do with that. This is staggeringly bad news.

This was the same prototype that was severely damaged in a take-off scrub in February 2007 at that year’s Aero India show. And now it’s gone. What a pity. For the record, this is the third accident involving an IJT prototype, but the first crash.

News9 video report from the crash-site here.

Photo ©Rahul Devnath / Bharat Rakshak

19 thoughts on “Damn! India’s Intermediate Jet Trainer Prototype Crashes”

  1. @anon 2:54 pm
    'Poor India'.

    Why? You scare that easily!
    Crashes are a probability and risk at any time and on a heightened level when the aircraft is on a and development phase.
    The yanks,Russkis and whoever has a robust aeronautical industry(not an assemble or paint one)have sacrificed many many pilots on test-flights.
    And they did not get ahead by chickening out.
    I am sure our boys will bounce back and good luck to them.

  2. Crash during testing phase!…. man what a surprise, this must be a first for the world…. No, it isn't. Test pilot's job is full of risk, and in other countries this is nothing new. I hope people don't start demanding that this program be stopped. The key focus should be on learning from this crash, and not on questioning the ability of ADA/HAL/NAL/DRDO in designing and assembling this plane. I wish all test pilots and test plane maker a lot of luck.

  3. Hard to believe this. Saw it flying over my office a few days back. But the thing to do will be learn the lessons and move on. Failures make us perfect. What caused it in first place? Engine flameout, structural failure!!

  4. Carry on guys and gals…

    India is your and so is the sky…. provided you can same for the machines…

    Machines can be improved… so do it..

  5. Such a crash is "routine "during a development programme. Luckily there was no fatality. The Russians of one design bureau bury there dead test pilots at the start of the runway-which is both a tribute to their contribution and a caution to the task.The French hold a party with food and drinks-at least they did for the great Rozanoff of Dassault. Each to his own. The big thing is to check for sabotage and press ahead to complete the programme.

  6. Nothing to worry about except check for sabotage. Crashes during spin testing ( presumably that was the profile) is yawningly old stuff.We had the old HT2 going in aspin and there was no "bobbery".People just modified the rudder to redistribute the area.We have a good trainer and let us get it into service with all speed and professionalism

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    Giraten hain shshsawar hi maidane jung men !!
    (aka, wo tikhla kya giren jo tenkon par chalen)!!

    Ha hah Ha …

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