EXCLUSIVE: Indian Navy’s New Destroyer ‘Kochi’ Revealed (Part I)

The Indian Navy’s second Kolkata-class destroyer Kochi enters service on September 30 in Mumbai. Ahead of that day, here’s the first official literature on the ship, made available exclusively to Livefist.

8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Indian Navy’s New Destroyer ‘Kochi’ Revealed (Part I)”

  1. laid down in 2005…being commissioned in 2015!!! While we all acknowledge that the Navy has been at the fore front of indigenization, We certainly need to speed up our ship-building…

    All the best to INS Kochi and her men…

  2. SPI In response…5 Commanders are for different divisions within the ship. e.g One would be 2 i/charge, one Engineering, One weapons and electronics, one for Logistics etc.

  3. Dear Narotham,
    Definitely she would have atleast one Anti submarine and SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopter on board. Regarding the time period for building. The first of a class of complex warship like this will take about 7 years, normally. Here integrating Western and Russian sensors and armaments may have taken longer. I retired long back, so my knowledhe may not be upto date.

  4. NSR says —

    @ Randhir, Thank you…They should buy a world class NMRH with technology transfer and with future co-development agreements so it will entice them to share the technology…Navy is flying without proper helicopters from press reports…

    Anything for the first time takes a lot of time to plan and test&integrate, teething problems, etc
    The next three should come out fast and India should keep ordering to develop shipbuilding industry…

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