FIRST PHOTOS: Indian Kilo-class INS Sindhurakshak Sunk At Berth

14 thoughts on “FIRST PHOTOS: Indian Kilo-class INS Sindhurakshak Sunk At Berth”

  1. Such unprofessional practices, as shown in these photographs, are typical of the Indian Govt. and our armed forces. There has been a massive explosion and fire in the sub. It could have been the batteries or torpedoes(aren't explosive materials on board the boat removed when in harbour???) or some other system. There could be oxygen trapped in some of the compartments in the sunken vessel. The diving operations could inadvertently set off another explosion in either the battery compartments or the ordinance in the boat. Till such time as the entire boat is inspected by divers and ordnance experts and any potentially dangerous material on board the ship deactivated, the entire quay must be sanitised and declared a danger zone with access permitted to no one, least of all civilians. But here we see the defence minister and his retinue standing barely a few meters away from what could well be another almighty bang waiting to happen.

  2. Raghav – I'm more interested in why they're going for the submarine's top escape hatch rather than the aft escape hatch. The logical place for the crew to have hidden when the torpedoes blew up was in compartments 5 and 6. Compartment 2, which they were accessing, would have been shredded.

    The initial blast may have been hydrogen from the batteries, or it could even have been one of the 53-65 torpedoes (the propulsion systems on those are likely to cause accidents of the kind that sank HMS Sidon in 1955 and Kursk in 2000) Unexploded ordinance is not a critical issue now that the sub is flooded. What they really must do is get the crew out before the aft air flasks run out. Disposing of now-desensitized explosive is a much lesser concern than saving the lives of anyone trapped alive.

  3. Why is the man next to Anthony smiling… What does he think this is.. some udghatan ceremony.Many sailors lost their lives in this accident. These people have no sensitivities. They should be airdropped across the Chinese border.

  4. Well, this reminds us the importance of indigenous weapon systems. And also throws the light on the maintenance procedures that we follow to keep them operational. An eye opener for our military class. Other than that, my heard goes with the brave solders who fought to control the situation to last breath.

  5. As Raghav has pointed out the whole system of accident investigation in sphere in India whether it is Aircraft,ship or even humans is so unprofessional like. Is this naval dockyard protected from under sea frog men? When a set of 10 terrorists from Karachi could come and land and creat mayhem why not a set of frogmen from Pakistani navy come and set a magnetic mine in a professional way and create this fire.But then our accident investigation is so shoddy.

  6. Russian tarpedos use hydrogen peroxide as oxidizer and it is always a hazard in high tempretures and thus not used in any other country. Kursk sank because of the same and all i hope that non hydrogen peroxide using tarpedos are used.


  7. Very sad day for India. The PM says he s saddened by the loss of Sidhu. Does that mean he is not saddened by the loss of the valiant lives. These men are irreplaceable. Further Indian should completely change its doctrine of dependency on Russia for defense equipment. Russian Subs do lack safety features. Only alternates – Buy from west or build your own subs.

  8. To everyone considering sabotage and security failures – those are very much the last case that must be investigated. One must rule out all accidental causes of an explosion before considering arson/sabotage. Hydrogren peroxide is a very likely culprit.

    Many nations around the world use the Kilo class submarine, although I have yet to check its track record. While I agree that India should have achieved the ability to produce its own submarines in quantity long ago, the fact remains that these are complex weapons systems, prone to flaws and failures in some sense or the other. Building them requires a massive systemic effort and not just on the part of the Navy.

  9. I am deeply saddened by this. In the span of 7 days the navy made 3 big headlines:
    1. INS Arihant reactor went critical
    2. INS Vikrant: Floated
    3. INS Sindhurakshak mishaps

    It's a huge loss and affects all serving in the Navy.

  10. the man in question is not smiling- thats how he looks- the CM of Maharashtra. Mr P Chavan. Anyways- point being why are they not sandbagging teh submarine- my Site QS team did a length/breadth thing and came up with a requirement of about 12000 bags of sand to form a C shape around the Sub and the berth- and then use high pressure pumps to drain the water out- this ALL could be done in less than 24-36 hours… if they want to.
    My company is intro construction, so please dont give me stories about it not being possible, when we do footings for bridges in rivers dry and flowing.

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