PHOTOS: Indian Army Soldiers In Flood Rescue Operations

12 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Indian Army Soldiers In Flood Rescue Operations”

  1. Appears they are being very helpful but – following on BBC – was the army a day or two late?
    Yes, BBC may not be best source.

  2. God bless our Army Jawans, I don't know what we would do without them.Hats off to your motto of ''Service before Self''.

  3. Salute to them for making us feel proud that Indian army is best in the world in any conditions and any situations. Love Indian Army

  4. Juan says armmy is 1 or 2 days late.. Army will not come out of barracks in india unless political leadersship orders to do so. do not blame the army. Blame is on spineless indecisive sonia maino and congi political leadershi[p.

  5. We should have one of these pictures daily in all our national and regional newspapers throughout the year to remind us that we are one nation!!

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