Stalled SR-SAM: Parrikar Briefed Twice In A Month

European missile house MBDA is making a strong effort at the highest levels to give the comatose long-proposed joint Indo-French SR-SAM development programme new life. Top MBDA executives sought time with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, meeting him twice in the last one month, to brief him about the SR-SAM (proposed to be called ‘Maitri‘). Sources say Parrikar heard out the MBDA executives but made no commitment, only saying that the representation would be looked into.

To be sure, it’s a tricky situation for MBDA. The SR-SAM programme was all but sunk last year when the Indian Air Force said the Indian Akash SAM it deployed was sufficient for the short range air defence role, and that it didn’t feel the need for a separate SR-SAM. The Akash SAM being a DRDO success means the latter is now perceived to have little or no incentive to partner with MBDA on the SR-SAM, but simply to continue working on the Akash and extend its range and capabilities for an anticipated Mk.2 version that the IAF and Indian Army are reportedly keen on.
Anticipating that situation, MBDA opened discussions late last year with DRDO, offering that the proposed SR-SAM, could be, in effect the Akash Mk.2 in terms of capability. The Akash SAM in service sports a range of 25-km, while the proposed SR-SAM is intended to hit targets out to a maximum of 40-km. It isn’t clear just yet what the DRDO will choose to do. At any rate, the success of the Akash programme, and a rare public show of satisfaction from the forces gives DRDO more options, though the time factor could be key in a decision going forward.
“The aim of this programme, one of several initiatives within the Indo-French strategic dialogue, was to contribute to the development of the Indian defence industry. This would enable India to set up automated production lines for seeker, sub-assembly and full missile production. Despite SR-SAM ticking all the boxes regarding ToT, timescale, capability and equally economics, a decision is still to be made,” MBDA officials told me.
Other developments:

  • The Indian Army’s $6 billion VSHORADS programme for 1,000 launchers and 6,000 missiles has just completed a final round of tests in Bengaluru and Dehradun for sighting systems and radar. MBDA’s Mistral competes with the Saab RBS 70NG and KBM Igla-S. With field evaluations complete, the three companies have been notified of a meeting with the test team early next month at which point they will be informed about their performance.
  • MBDA has received an RfP from HAL to supply munitions for the Mistral ATAM system already integrated on the ALH Rudra helicopters being supplied to the Indian Army.
  • The company has also received an RfP on the integration of the Mistral ATAM system on the Light Combat Helicopter.
  • While there’s been no word on the PARS 3 LR that’s been field evaluated as an air-to-ground weapon for the Rudra against other systems, MBDA has opened preliminary discussions with the Army and DRDO on its new Missile de Moyenne Portée (or Medium Range Missile), successor to the Milan weapon system. The MMP was test-fired for the first time earlier this month.

8 thoughts on “Stalled SR-SAM: Parrikar Briefed Twice In A Month”

  1. When Indian armed forces have already ordered SPYDER, why this missile again ? DRDO and armed forces to need to spend the tax payers money judiciously on some thing else, complete existing projects quickly instead of simply taking new ones

  2. Let us not mix the systems. According to specialists and open sources like media: – SPYDER SR is far less efficient than SRSAM (maximum interception range is only 20 kms while MBDA SRSAM missile can go up to 40 kms).
    – SPYDER SR configuration is based on 2 old technology missiles ( Python 5 and Derby) while SRSAM is a new and state-of-the art missile.
    – SPYDER SR is 100% made in Israël while SRSAM will be designed and fully produced in India (SRSAM = Indian missile).
    – SRSAM brings full ToT in many strategic aspects. Let us stop sponsoring Israëli defence industry with Indian money. Jai Hind!

  3. The IAF has no interest in the MBDA MAITRI SR-SAM any longer. Requirement more or less met between the AKASH & the SPYDER.

    DRDO is reportedly developing a QR-SRSAM that is based on the ASTRA platform and this is expected to meet any additional future requirements from the ARmy and the Airforce.

    The Navy on the other hand is scouting for a few QR-SAMs but that requirement is so small that it would not justify a joint development project of the kind on the table. They will buy off the shelf and be done with it until the naval version of the DRDO/ASTRA platform based weapon is delivered.

    So in effect MAITRI is dead -R.I.P.

  4. Why is the French division of MBDA offering 20 year old Mica missile technology when its British division is developing a state of the art CAMM missile (Common Anti Air Modular Missile) from scratch?

    Its range is designed from the very beginning to be 40km.

    This is the kind of technology that could genuinely be co developed from the very beginning for all three services with the UK MBDA?

    It's like MBDA is not one company but somewhat disjointed…….

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