VIDEO: Akash SAM Army Variant Tested For Engagement Modes

DRDO Statement: Akash, the indigenously designed developed and produced surface to air missile for the Indian Army was once again successfully flight tested today at the Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur. These were part of a series of trials being conducted in various engagement modes from the first of the production model system being produced to equip two regiments of the Indian Army. Both, today’s flight destroying a target in receding ting mode, as well as the one conducted on 21st Feb 2014 (video) destroying an approaching target, fully met mission objectives. A few more trials are planned in different engagement modes.
The multi target, multi directional, all weather air-defence system consisting of surveillance and tracking radars, control centres and ground support systems mounted on high mobility vehicles for the Army version of Akash is designed to enable integration with other air defence command and control networks through secure communication links. Developed by DRDO, the Army version of Akash is being produced by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) as the nodal production agency with the involvement of Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and a large number of other industries. The total production value of Akash air defence systems cleared for induction by Indian Army and Indian Air force is more than Rs 23,000 crore.

16 thoughts on “VIDEO: Akash SAM Army Variant Tested For Engagement Modes”

  1. Great news , I hope DRDO develops its range of microprocessors , compilers etc used in modern arms. that we get electronics without Trojan horses

  2. India should first feed, clothe and shelter the poor people. There is so much poverty and misery in india and you still dream to become a superpower???!!! …morons.

  3. India should first feed, clothe and shelter the poor people. There is so much poverty and misery in india and you still dream to become a superpower???!!! …morons.

  4. India should first feed, clothe and shelter the poor people. There is so much poverty and misery in india and you still dream to become a superpower???!!! …morons…………..u f***ing idiot , it wasn't indian , u pillaged this land for a 1000 yrs …was it???
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  5. Akash wasn't possible without Israel's help..infact all the missiles developed by india are copied Israel technology. india should be more open to this…learn from china.

  6. indian harlots are procuring these missiles from israel, russia,france and claiming to be indegenious….you faggots deserve to be ruled by others. Churchill was so right.

  7. @Anonymous 8:24 AM

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  8. Whether it is developed indigeneously, stolen tech or acquired from foreign countries, who cares? It has the ability to secure our airspace, that's what counts!

  9. @Anon 4.27 PM
    If we are such losers and snake charmers, why are you so obsessed with India and it's defense tech? Why bother wasting your time trawling the net for news on India or Indian defense?

  10. Anonymous 4:27 PM

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  11. Nice at list we say that our DRDO and BDL is going to way that all expected (i think is MODI magic). this poor pakis don't know about technology and posting comment because they disturb by India success in all technology areas (they dint fly a single rocket beyond earth and saying india is copy cats what a joke… this tech is not a joke ) another successes to celebrate proud to be indian

  12. There is no point arguing who's better than whom. For south asian nations the population control is an immediate issue and that needs to be made as the first priority. And also, Food, Shelter, clothings and no child is left behind must be the paramount importance to these govts.

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