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    Please note the dates. They are around the times when you brought out the reports in Indian Express about Arjun.
    Hence you might agree that the articles was based on reports which were either outdated or not presenting the real picture.

    I wonder if you would be bring out a another article in Indian Express which will contradict what you said in the last one?
    hm lets see…

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    Shiv Aroor

    anon: the express DRDO series ran in november actually. additionally, the report on arjun brought out the facts as they stand in the report. do read all the observations!

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    What facts are those? A bunch of copy pasted nonsense from an earlier report and hyperbole?
    Did you mention anything about all the local content and how the import content is by cost, not by LRU count? Or about the Local FCS? Or about the engine available for local manufacture if numbers ordered were more…

    You ran a gutter campaign..which goes to show your lack of ethics..
    and also how dependent u are on copy pasted sh!t from GOI reports. I am pretty sure that if some placed any component of the Arjun in front of you, even a critical one wouldnt be able to tell it for nuts.

    Get an education man..

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    I totally agree with anon,

    Shiv Aroor ran a gutter campaign. He has no clue what has been written on the things he posted now from parliament. Aroor just Yaps…

    As good news comes pouring in for Arjun, he tries to show himself as “heckler”, what a face lift he tries to give himself. He just cannot admit that he is a dumb journolist and a pretender.

    he also calls others and frontier india “stubborn apologist”.

    Even the normal forum posters have more knowledge than Shiv arror, atleast they have commonsence. I was scanning Frontier India to understand why this guy bad mouths it.

    Look at this , the news source just blasted the Indian Express and Shiv aroor bull $hit on Arjuns performance
    (just copy and paste that url without break , i will never get this blastid code right in my html life)

    T-90S torsion bar problems persist

    16 May, 2007 (FIDSNS)

    T-90S torsion bar problems were in spotlight again during the “Exercise Ashwamedha” conducted by Indian Army in May 2007.

    Ironically the Indian media had reported that Arjun Tank had torsion bar broken which proved to be wrong as Arjun Tank has Hydro pneumatic suspension which had no problems.

    The press had also reported leakage in the hydro pneumatic suspension system of Arjun Tank which proved to be baseless.

    Another point on cause for concern on the Arjun Tanks’ German MTU 838 Ka-501 engine was also proved wrong. The newspapers failed to give any overheating reports or breakdown reports.

    The price negotiation committee had forced Indian Army to evaluate the T-90S in Indian conditions. Subsequently T-90S was found insuitable for desert conditions, but Indian Army still went ahead and recommended the purchase of T-90S.

    A “apologist” meand a person who writes on basis of an idea or hunch.

    This site is full of details that the normal sources do not have. I even got some of its news verified by my friends working in DRDO. They say the specs are the same. They even told me that this

    and this

    are registered sources in DESIDOCS

    I even wrote to the owner. He is a very polite and knowledgeble chap.

    I cannot stand stupid people bad mouthing the good ones. I hate Shiv Aroor, Rajat pandit, and other blastid journos. All freakin lifafa’s.

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    I have disagree with your observation that there was no openess on the part of DRDO on these programs.
    The “so called openess” displayed within these commitee reports are known by Indian defense enthu’s for a long time.

    You would probably agree with me that “a tank which cannot shoot straight” in November 2006 would not have been “MBT Arjun firing accuracy is far superior to other two tanks” in May 2007,if your November report was true.

    How do you suppose all the Arjun supporter got their information regarding the issues,if DRDO was not open about it’s programs?
    These people spoke with Army persons they know,visited events like AI and Defence Expo and spoke with DRDO people to get the latest.
    Something which would have been your responsibilities as a reporter!

    All you did was to speak to some retired army guys and got hold of some older commitee reports and reprinted them!
    It is very sad.I would say the amount of information that DRDO gives out about it’s programs are far higher than what Pakistan or China declares.This is one of the reason why our Indian Defence reporters so easily get to point fingers at DRDO.It gives out details on failures,something our great neighbours never face. Failures!

    I would say DRDO kept it’s door open, you were looking at the other side!


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    We are still waiting for your report on the recent excerises involving Arjun. Do you plan to bring them out?

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    Sorry Shiv, I didn’t want to say this but you have lost credibility here. After the torsion bar incident I thought you will atleast have the decency to stop beating up on the Arjun for a change. If you were neutral in your reporting, accept this challenge, write about the problems on T-90S.

    But I probably already know the answer to that challenge don’t I?

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    Now the question arises…. why couldn’t you have shown the same kind of objectivity in your ‘investigation’ last year. You not only whitewashed the Army’s faults, but also made it seem like the Arjun was worth nothing, and would struggle to hold up against even the T-55s.

    Lets hope you show better judgement on the ATV series. And please try hard not to make any mistakes like saying that the ATV doesn’t have helicopter carrying ability (like your torsion bar googly)…

    OTOH, I enjoyed reading your piece on the Canberra. Probably your forte is Military history, and you should stick to that.

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    What a type of campaign you people have carried out last year ? Alas!

    I am not asking not to be critic. But while doing this and selling your stories to the nation, don’t you have the responsbility of giving correct details to the public of India ? (Though this responsibility lies only if you are a Indian, Hope, you are an Indian!)

    I can figure it out on who’s promptings these things were carried out.

    Like you called DRDO as “Delyed Research and Derailed organization”, can you do the samething to Indian Army or other Armed services ? How cheap you people became?
    Don’t you people know that like Armed Services, DRDO too serves the nation? Don’t they battling against innumberable odds like technology denials, sanctions, funds non-availability, vested interests and sometimes people like you to deliver the products. They are not only making the Indian Armed forces better equipped but also saving tax-payer’s money, creating self sufficiency and improving the Indian industry and economy. What a thankless people you & others have became?

    I am not expecting you to be an apologist, alteast some semblance of respect to those people ?

    You throwed free flowing advices to DRDO like how it should behave like DARPA etc. Did you ever seen or reported the other side of the story on how industries played a role in that ?

    you called it as “..Deralied organiation” What a childish act?

    Fine, I’m happy that atleast you published the commitee’s findings about Arjun.

    Now, don’t you have the respobility to the tell the nation on what happened to T-90S tanks? why army going for 1000 more tanks while still there are problems reported ?

    What is your friend, Col. Ajai Shukla, saying on Arjun ?

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    Why bother anon, he won’t do it. Its as simple as that.

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    Hi. The following news report is from Frontier-India.

    In my view, technical details alone will “silence” the largely non-technical, purposefully anti-DRDO and unfairly biased journalists like Rajat Pandit, Vivek Raghuvanshi and Rahul Bedi.

    Indigenous sensor on Arjun NBC

    18 May, 2007 (FIDSNS)

    The Arjun MBT NBC filtration system has been integrated with roentgenometer cum flash sensor alongwith a chemical sensor. These products have been developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). A roentgenometer is used to measure of dose rates recieved by the crew of Arjun Tank or other armoured vehicles which have similar systems in Indian Army. It has energy compensated GM tube sensor (80 keV to 1.3 MeV) with an analog display. It meets all JSS 55555-L 3 test series specifications. It displays 0 to 1000 R/h in 4 ranges with an accuracy of plus or minus 2%. It weighs approximately 2.5Kg and is powered by 18-32 V DC tank batteries.

    The gamma flash sensor usses silicon PIN photodiode with a trigger level of 4 R/s (+2/-1) with a response time of less than 100 miliseconds and hold time of more than 100 miliseconds.

    The shielding efficacy of Arjun MBT against INR and fallout radiation in nuclear envirinment and high strength radioactive sources has been determined using a pocket dosimeter. Pocket dosimeter has been developed by DRDO too.

    A total protection factors of MBT Arjun have been determined by creating a nuclear field in the environment.

    Successful completion of the sensor task in MBT Arjun has prompted Indian Army to request DRDO to integrate the system in its other armoured vehicles.

    Thank you.

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    Do you think this will close the mouth of our wonderful Indian defence journal?

    Wait for few days and you will get a report:
    “Although DRDO claims to have produced NBC,these system has not been tested tot the required level.This conclsion can be derived from the fact that India has not conducted overground nuclear test and tested the NBC system” !

    You just wait 😉

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    You guys know why Shiv is not posting Arjun performance in Ashwamsdha? Read this:

    [link=] Link[/link]

    Indian Army finds no major defects with Arjun Tank during Ex Ashvamegh

    19 May, 2007, (FIDSNS)

    Excercise Ashvamegh results are out. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has now formal results of the Arjun MBT performance. Frontier India Defence and Strategic News Service (FIDSNS) has a copy Army’s report on Arjun Tank as a user feedback.

    The report states that, Indian Army had Seven Arjun Tanks during Excercise Ashvamegh ,i.e, 5 LSP’s (limited series) and 2 PPS (pre production). Six Arjun Tanks participated in the excercise. The cumulative distance travelled by Arjun Tank in the excercise is 180 kilometers. All the Tanks had (inner) air getting dirty faster remark and one PPS tank had maintainence related minor issue of engine oil leak and end connector getting loose.

    Indian Army observations as recorded in the document

    a) No major problems faced during Ex-Ashvamegh.
    b) No other defects found during Ex-Ashvamegh.

    On asked about the Arjuns Tanks minor issues that croped up during Ex Ashvamegh , FIDSNS was told that the LSP’s and PPS’s had run a cumulative distance of 1000 kms before participating in Ex Ashvamegh with normal maintainence.

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    So where is the report on Arjun’s performance on Ashwamedh,you promised weeks back?
    Some one was very energetic about asking for accountability on the part of DRDO.
    Wonder whose time is to be accountible now.

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    Shiv Aroor

    anon: the Army’s report isn’t finished yet. it’s still under process and will be at army HQ in four-five days. so as soon as i get it, it’ll be here.

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    So what was JJ Singh talking about when he said that the results would be out in 5 days (that was just after the exercises).

    Was it the preliminary results of which side won and which lost??? If so, how come there hasn’t been any press conference about the exercise yet??

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    Your 4-5 days are over. Where is the report?

    The FI has the history of Arjun Tank now


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