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    Rahul Singh

    The C-130s will be the first US aircraft in the IAF’s inventory,

    Just have a look at above sentence. The author miserably forgotten ‘C-119 Packet’ which made the history by landing at worlds highest airstrip. Or Mr Gautam Dutt like many doesn’t bother reviewing his articled before posting…..
    I don’t understand why false reporting, in-air reporting are becoming trademark of Indian Defence Journalism? Why these journalists are intentionally downsizing their own status? Why they don’t bother caring about perfect-edit before allowing article to come infront of common defence news seekers… The time has come for these guys to start refreshing themselves otherwise days are not far when reader will search for author’s name first before starting reading……………
    I am having nothing against any author but i am seriously concerned about quality which is currently allowing pakis to make fun of you and your articles. Wake-up before it gets too late.

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    desi dork media. point proven.

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    Rahul relax

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    Probably meant, the current inventory


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