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    These guys have edited and cropped the image to hide the most interesting parts. Arihant exterior is making even a real whale's blubber look less blubbery 🙂

  2. 3


    Shiv, it would be really nice if you could write a few line on the pics…

    What are we looking at?

    Is that a dude peeing on the sub ?

  3. 4


    Extremely Russian influenced, that's all I can say, down to the flood holes at the side. Even the sound proofing tiles on the surface look Russian.

  4. 5


    NO… that guy is just about getting ready to do with your MOM and SIS….

    You can't help.. they just like it more on Sub…

  5. 6

    nirav j

    if that guy is actually pissing on the sub … its gonna be an auspicious thingy !! :p

    we also had pics of a guy pissing on the Bandra Worli Sea link even before it was inaugurated !!

    Working just fine ! 🙂

    Good to see the sub .. May many MORE follow !

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    Vincent –> Extremely Russian influenced, that's all I can say, down to the flood holes at the side. Even the sound proofing tiles on the surface look Russian.


    It has a black cylindrical body

    And a sail on top (with "typically Russian" diving planes)

    And even the ability to bear the load of a man standing atop the hull!

    Thank you… thank you for this revelation!!!!

  7. 8


    Good anti-Russia story you did, Shiv…the buggers need to be bashed really…an arms agent was also murdered there….this can happen only there…and now they're doing everything for the MMRCA….payment in kind made during Diwali itself…If you need to do more anti-Russia stuff then leave a blank comment in the comments section and I'll understand and will give you more details…as comments are moderated, therefore you can my info as only you can read them.

  8. 9


    @Vincent, The tiles are not Russian, they were manufactured in India.

  9. 10


    Unbelievable you guys got it, is it true INS Arihant….

    As I have said earlier that its going to beside on Amur-class or Borei-class design after seeing this photo it is true.

    After seeing INS Arihant, I can bet on that future projects in which India today quoted that next line of SSBN will be beside on Amur-class with 10 vertical launching cell like Amur-1650 and for Nuclear Attack Submarine to escort SSBN it will be design on Scorpene-Class or Rubis-Class french platform.

  10. 11


    Bad Photoshop work…waste of time.

  11. 12


    Bad Photoshop work…waste of time.


    I am bemused with all these shitty drawings and illustrations of Arihant Shiv uncle is spamming his blog with. It doesn't matter, no navy in the world cares how it looks. They care for its sonar signature only, cosmetics are irrelevant and my theory is all the emphasis on outer appearance is to take attention away from the fact that boat is an empty shell. No sensors or singla processing as yet, forget weapon systems.

  12. 13

    su market

    Where the hell did Amur come from? People need to read up a little about subs before spouting rubbish. Amur and Borei are as different as frigate and a aircraft carrier.

  13. 14

    Igor Djadan

    Thanks for the picture! Hope more pics will come soon.

  14. 15


    Why such teasers? You guys at Headlines Today believe you are higher souls outside the govt who have been given the divine right to know see the real thing. Give us a break. Come down to earth. Whatever you have been shown or told is public.

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