Army For New Commanders Sight On T-90s

The Indian Army has decided to replace the main commander’s sight on all current and future T-90S main battle tanks, and has issued a request for information for this. The T-90’s PNK-4S commanders sight, manufactured by Russia’s JSC Rostov Optical-Mechanical Plant (ROMZ), has been found to be far below what the Army wants, and it has therefore put out an RFI for an advanced thermal-imager based panoramic night sight.

Photo by Shiv Aroor @ Exercise Desert Strike, Pokhran

8 thoughts on “Army For New Commanders Sight On T-90s”

  1. these army idiots just find it now that commander's sight is not upto mark.

    what were these hopeless people were doing when the first t90 was inducted?

    why didn't they check that russian commander's sight not good before buying it and for what they ask pay increase from govt?

  2. Hi Shiv,
    How is that the Army has finally revealed that one of the main components in the T-90 is defective and not up to par? Is it because they feel that their wonted fighting machine would poorly during the comparative trials against the Arjuns? Why is the Army still defending the T-90 and ordering more and more of the junk instead of the better Arjuns? Is it because local defence hardware doesn't come with Natashas and Swiss bank accounts?

    The Indian jawans are super but not the top echlon corrupted Army wallahs. Shame on them! They need to be courtmartialled and stripped of everything, even the smart uniforms they flaunt.

    The first one in line should be the great Jen. Bharadwaj!

  3. same shit, different day

    not pointing the fingers to Russia per se, but don't keep buying equipment that (a) has not been proven (b) are bought due to historical ties.

    the indian military is on perilous ground. every day comes news of more insufficiencies and bad decisions. no wonder the chinese call the indian military 'a paper tiger'.

  4. Our Army is the most corrupt organization when it comes to procurment. They just found out that sight is far below what they want? They didn't know about it before they bought this tank?

  5. Hi shiv,

    Wasn't the night sight aspect being discussed with the swedes?Any news on Arjun and its response from the units feilding the tank?Read your post on dhruv earlier.What's the status on that now? are they being inducted as speculated earlier and what do you expect will be the final figure being used by our services?
    One other question.I had read somewhere that the vibration issues had been solved and the reason for not being selected by the Navy was the absence of folding rotors.In this case, can't these copters be used to equip shore based units.?

  6. Total 100% bullshit. Why were the army officers not aware of sub optimal sights before buying the tank? No due diligence? They could have MKIzed the T90 at initial procurement itself. But this way they there are more opportunities to collect bribes.

    Disgusting. This country is misruled by traitors and defended by robbeers. Our senior defence officers are putting the Paki Army generals to shame.

    Please, let there be a revolution so that this country can be saved.

  7. It is indeed remarkable how quietly the IA wants to "replace" the commanders sight on its T-90s..had this happened to Arjuns, the IA would've leaked the news to every press source possible and they'd have come out with articles on how the Arjun is a dud..I can hardly believe how pathetic it sounds that after having spent a billion dollars and more acquiring these tanks from Russia, and not having got proper ToT for their complete manufacture in India, the IA is still pushing for T-90s despite them having defects of all kinds, from thermal sights to now the Commanders sight.

    I had the privilege of talking to a retired Brigadier just a few months ago..he made it quite clear that the Arjun was superior in firepower, protection, comfort and had a lower ground signature in kg/sqm., but the only drawback was its higher profile than that T-72 and T-90, which meant that camouflaging it behind sand dunes or ground contours was more difficult and new tactics and wider separation distances would be required. apart from that, some logistical issues were there, but nothing so major as to derail the entire project.

    most importantly, and this is well known, there is a well-entrenched Russian lobby within the IA, who're financed by Russians arms agents. they stand to gain nothing from an Arjun, produced by the DRDO and paid for by the GoI directly. and hence, the elaborate trials, which if the T-90 had been subjected to, would've broken down several times itself and they've have detected ALL the bloody issues they're now discovering, years after inducting them in such large numbers. Any Major, Captain or jawan who has been associated with the Arjun after experience with the T-72, of which the T-90 is a modernized variant, would attest to the qualitative difference between the two.

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