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    Arjun rules. it is the best tank in asia.

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    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! awaiting more photo's…………………………..and, your comments on the Arjun and how the army now feels about them………..and, the Pinaka – Tata's/L & T have done a really great job, apart from the 80 being delivered – are more on order ???……….ps – is that bofors behind the Pinaka pic no 4 ??????????

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    Shiv, pls tell us more about the Arjun vs T90 trials … unless you are under a gag order from the DGMF

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    Shiv, you go to Sweden to cover the Gripen, but you never show anywhere near the same interest in covering indigenous products. why is it so ?

    There was talk in a Force magazine article that the IA after doing a round of comparative trials where the Arjun did well, is now coming around to the view that the Arjun does indeed have better firepower and armour than the T-series tanks and is going to induct more of these.

    Could you please write an article on the Arjun and whether this news is true or not ?

    BTW, I've seen your video where you got to ride in an Arjun tank yourself. having driven in it, you'll agree that its comfort levels and design philosophy are very different from the T-series tanks and Indian tank crews DESERVE this- rather than suffering heat strokes inside the 50+ deg C heat cramped compartments of the T-72 or T-90 or having no probability of surviving a direct hit inside a T-72 or T-90 (even with ERA its armour thickness is no match for the Arjun) from another tank. The Arjun has a larger profile, but its higher accuracy and ability to fire on the move make up for that, and if used well, it can really create havoc against Pakistani T-series and Chinese clone tanks.

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    Thanks for the pics Shiv.

    Just need one quick comparsion. Can you share your view on the ability of Arjun when compared to its immediate rivals from Pakistan n China. Especially the Al-khalid tank….

    Also as someone else asked, what does our military think about Arjun after the comparative trials and having one operational batch? Any idea where it is deployed?

    Thanks Shiv

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    one stupid question.. compared to other tanks y does arjun have a box type turret, isnt it outdated . compared to other turrets which are sloped! ;-p


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