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    Another DRDO powerpoint project that VKS et al. presented to Babus at MoD.

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    Karthik Soundarajan

    Shiv, every time i search the net for Indian defense related updates i end up finding your blog, I must say yours the best Inde-defense blog out there. Almost every detail is updated and covered. Thanks a lot for this excellent source. Please keep this up.

    As for the RTA-70, I feel positive about its development because this is no longer the 80s and 90s when we knew nothing about metallurgy and composites. Considering how fast the LCH came out compared to the ALH which took decades, only shows the know how and confidence has improved. The RTA shares a lot in common with the LCA in metallurgy and weight reduction. So i would hope to see a model by 2015.

    I just hope someone digs deep on the Kaveri project because it the back bone for all aviation,marine and defense engines in the future. Wish to see more coverage on that.



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