ALH Dhruv Cockpit: Old & New

10 thoughts on “ALH Dhruv Cockpit: Old & New”

  1. It seems like the new choppers have glass cockpit. Those who criticize HAL should eat crow after seeing these pictures.

  2. Anon 10:18 pm:

    Yes, with poverty still looming large over the country, with food grains getting rotten in our godowns, with the Kalmadi's and Koda's taking the country for a ride, it's not too far before we start eating crows & rats for a proper meal. May I know, what's new in these photographs. Are you saying Druv glass-cockpit is something that just happened last night? HAL must stop these cheap publicity stunts and get the act going before things get worse. As insiders, still produly wearing the HAL uniform, we know much more than what the critics know. If you love India, support HAL and believe in its strengths, please help us by getting the government attention so that we can be saved from being abused for not meeting the deadlines. We don't want a abusing leadership who kicks our back by not seeing the core issues. We need someone to be good with us, who can understand the issues and guide us. The media is unfair to us by not highlighting the burning issues in HAL, rather than putting just photos. If this trend in HAL continues, it's not far we have a Rolls-Royce Engine Division & a Tata Helicopter Division.

  3. Well, at least HAL has gained competency in one field: cockpits. Now will they please finish the weapon systems integration that has been pending for 10 years?

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