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    just saw NDTV "Watan Ke Rakhwale"
    it's a good show

    i have silly Question…
    No 303 SQN will host 16 Mig 29K's

    these aircrafts will be stationed at INS Vikramaditya later at the end of 2013

    India has Ordered a total of 45 Mig 29K's

    so were will be rest of the aircrafts stationed as India's Indegenious aircraft carrier "Vikrant Class" will not be entering service until 2017

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    Those are amazing pictures!!

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    In 65 years of Indian independence, corruption has been used to scuttle indigenous technology innovation. We are the worst in human growth index.

    Why have indian defence forces ? let's out source the defence forces to USA, EU, Israel, or Russia.

    Or may be outsource the weapons production to Pakistan or China or bangladesh.

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    Do you see any possibility of India rising the defense budget in few years? If so, how much increase can we expect?


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    Mig 29k on Indian Aircraft carrier is almost like Su-30MKI on an Indian Aircraft carrier…minus Bars No11 Radar (on Su-30) but now with P8I has a AA mode included …means Migs can cue it's AA missile while getting target data from P-8I without using own Radar. So now Navy can hunt anything in Air passively and also can strike any naval vessel within 1000 KM range…A BIG WOW!!!

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