8 thoughts on “VIDEO: INAS 303 Black Panthers MiG-29K Squadron Commissioning”

  1. A glimpse of the Ski Jump at the SBTF at INS Hansa behind the runway when the Second sea harrier takes off (between 00:23 and 00:28) – Last year in Feb 2012, Tarmak007 reported that it was nearing completion. Is the facility up and running?

  2. Stranger – the skijump part of the SBTF is operational. They are now constructing the landing area with arresting wires etc. Then they will have to link it all up with data-gathering equipment.

    Besides MiG-29K/KUBs the main purpose of the SBTF is actually to aid in LCA-Navy development.

  3. I just realized that Russia initially dangled the "free" Groshkov carrot to sell Mig 29s to India. After India has bitten the bait to agreeing to purchase Mig29s with a free Groshkov, Russia went back on their word and raised the price of Groshkov which was no longer free. With such quality of our leaders and equally pathetic decisions is it any wonder that India has the world's largest number of people living below poverty line??

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