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    Not impressive, very simple design HAL must upgrade this bird

  2. 2

    Raahul Kumar

    Reading about

    "to meet the Indian Navy's deck requirements. Significantly, the rotor will be made available on future Dhruv ALH constructions and re-offered to the Indian Navy.

    For a proposed naval version, HAL says it will offer a wheeled version of the LUH."

    This means that all helicopters are totally indigenous now. Excellent work on the part of HAL. But we need the parts made in Bharat to increase, why is the indigenous content only 30%?

  3. 3


    Finally we have come of age in rotor craft design and manufacturing.Fully indigenous Indian Glass cockpit is a great turn over from Israeli built glass cockpit for Dhruv from Elbit systems.

    Hope IA and IAF recognizes the importance of LUH instead of banging for foreign lobbyists.

  4. 4


    Great work. I hope this begins to,fly this year .

  5. 5


    I talked to one IOFB guys once he was scared with his change of design (a specific product), I tried to pursue him about design flaws & practical problems but he was scared !!

    You have to understand the EU consultant who gave them design might have put conditions with design change & royalty

    They are scared & forget about change of design …… they are in full control of EU/US (NATO) defense industry under superior agreements/ contracts

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    Date today: 27-Oct-2015.

    Test never happened… as expected from HAL and DRDO.


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