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    I have 2 simple questions to ask SAAB and Indian government:

    Would Sweden agree to purchase Tejas Mk.1 A? Would it also agree to purchase the N-Tejas ?

    If the answer to the above is NO, then why oh why is SAAB pressing India to buy /manufacture its Gripen? (version doesn’t matter). And why is the Indian govt. even entertaining them ?

    The difference between the Tejas Mk.1 A and the Gripen E is only the engine, and nothing else. While Tejas uses GE F-404, the Gripen uses GE F-414. The payload of both jets is similar and the range too will be the same with refueling. When Shri. Parrikar himself has said that in terms of avionics and electronics, the Tejas is equal to the Rafale, why on earth do we need the Gripen for ?

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      Your questions are based on the fantasy that the Tejas is anywhere near Gripen E in capability.

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      the only thing you got right is that it was a simple question

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    if Gripen -E a/c is superior to Tejas Mk2 A/C , then india should stop developing Mk2 a/c. Go for collaboration with Saab to procure Gripen-E with the condition for collaboration for AMCA and UCAV programs to cut down lead time.

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      It’s a tactical fighter and we ain’t need one. I hate to see this so called defense website like this and ‘experts’ ‘ promoting’ these ACs. Besides that it would be stupid to think that SAAB to could help build AMCA/ UCAV as it has no expertise or experience in building them.

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    gurinder kehr

    An excellent aircraft which is seriously underestimated in terms of capability, by most people. Whether it can still find a place in our Air Force is a question though.


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