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    You are the only sane journalist amongst “phattu” asses who have made this bold evaluation and it holds quite true. Hope the politicians and COS think on these lines. Journalists like BStandard regular A.S are so coward they cannot write the truth just because their judgement is masked by fear of the N-bomb, and i sit in delhi, not afraid of any nuke even if it comes, i still would want my nation to strike and tear pakistan ….errr…. fartistan to shreads.

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    Pak’s nuclear threat is just that.. bluff.

    1. If nuke was it’s first response against a Indian armour attack, then why is it spending so much on conventional weapons?

    2. Tactical nukes cannot stop a Indian strike corps. Someone just needs to do a simple math of the number of TNWs required to stop a armour division and how much it cost. Enriched Plutonium is 4k dollar per gram.

    3. If Indian Army attacks Lahore, will Pak fire Nasr towards Lahore? Some may fall…while flying. What if India attacks across LOC, will it fire nukes in Kashmir and contaminate their “jugular vien” and source of water for Punjab?

    4. TNWs C3I.. don’t even need to mention what a nightmare it is.

    5. If Pakistan can be mad, we can too. If India is nuked and since it is going down, it might decide to take down China along with it! China might decide take down US with it, US might decide to take down Russia with it… Paks think the world is let them use nukes..

    6. US says Pak nukes have PAL. The beautiful youtube will tell you how freaking intrusive PAL is. PAL is not just a “access system”, it is able to de-activate the nuke. PAL is not plug and play, it is embedded with the nuke and has ability to kill a nuke.

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    Suresh Rao

    Military response to Pakistan is not merely possible but it is essential. It is entirely due to delusional idiots that we are so weak kneed in our response. In fact India must ensure that there is nothing of Paki Treacherous Heathen Value within 40 kms of the borders. Anything that Pakistan tries to build up within 40 kns is to be destroyed This will ensure that they do not build launch pads for terrorists. It is awlays easier said than done But for that matter everything is easier said than done. Second do what the Treacherous Chinese are doing – nibble away at Pakistani terrotory in a slow and methodical manner an make it very clear that this is the payment for our soldiers being martyred. Utmost importance is to be given to the independence of Baluchstan. This is to be within a time bound programme with initially targetting the CPEC Project so that it is crippled completly and the cowardly Chinese abandon it once and for all


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