EXCLUSIVE: 1st Official Data On India’s P15B Destroyers


The slides you’re looking at here happen to be the first officially-released schematics on the Project 15 Bravo stealth destroyers under build for the Indian Navy. The Directorate of Naval Design (DND), which briefed reporters today about the launch of the second vessel in the class, Mormugao, has provided the first detailed look at the P15B, christened the Visakhapatnam class, as first reported by Livefist last year. Livefist had scooped the first image of the lead of the class.

The Visakhapatnam-class represents a terrific step ahead for Indian shipbuilding and establishes once again the country’s prowess in designing, developing, building and fielding frontline surface combatants. More on the class and the 39 other ships being build across the country for the Indian Navy soon.

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6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: 1st Official Data On India’s P15B Destroyers”

  1. Excellent post! once again Nau Sena shows the way !!
    Isn’t the second slide on Radar cross section carrying an image of the project 17 Shivalik class frigate ?

  2. This ship is no match to the European ships like Sachsen, Iver Huitfeldt, De Zeven Provincien, Alvaro De Bazan, Nansen and FREMM and nowhere near the Destroyers like Daring and Horizon. India should directly buy some of these western ships without DRDO’s involvement. The biggest threat is from submarines and aircrafts, and the mere range of SAM on this ship is 50 kms whereas western ships have SM-2 SAMs with 150 km+ range and ESSM with 50km range. These indian ships are still sitting ducks for Paki P3 Orions armed with harpoons as they cannot engage the aircraft before it fires the harpoons.

    1. The Barak SAM that will be fitted onto these ships has a range of 100km and is just as effective as anything on European Ships.

    2. The Barak SAM on these ships have a range of 100km and are just as effective as anything on current European Ships. Paki harpoons wouldn’t wouldn’t stand a xhance.

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