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    Still waiting to see it in the sky..

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    Let’s see what future 90 jets will be, now the deal for 36 Rafales is done. It is a nightmare to manage so many different aircrafts for IAF. Super Sukhoi, LCA Tejas, Mirage, MIG 29, 21, Jaguars.

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      Suresh Rao

      Mig 21, 27 will go and get replaced by Rafael So it is more or less the same number

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    may be the 7th type of combat aircraft we are going to have that too with such small numbers; such a logistic nightmare! Mig 21, Mig 27, Jaguar, Mirage, Mig 29, Sukhoi then this and tejas! ohh…and we’ll get them only by 2024 or so, considering the rate of production french having as of now.

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    Just wanting to know, does it make sense to buy just 36 jets? Or is it being bought for specific role such as deep penetration fighter or for delivering nuclear weapons.
    Also is it sensible to have so many different types of fighters in the inventory, mig 21, 27,29, Mirage 2000, Su 30mki, Jaguar, LCA Tejas. Doesn’t it increase the logistical burden.

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    It’s hardy a problem of types, as some types will retire by the time it’s inducted and by when at least 40 LCA will be flying. A different type is not always bad, the good side it that enemy can hardly prepare for all the types and their weapons. If meteor is coming it should mount on every fighter of IAF, so should russian missiles and americans if their jet is chosen. This proved to be a headache for the enemy, so the inconvenience might be worth it after all.

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    Hindustan has totally missed its long term planning for its three branches of the armed forces. The Defense Minister, The Prime Minister and the armed forces heads are to blame this haphazard way of purchasing equipment. The long term investment in the defense industry is the vital component that is coming up slowly , …..yes very slowly, specially the aircraft industry. Need to do more before Chinese & Pakis walk all over us. Wake up Mr. Modi .


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