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    same three sentence repeated for every question.

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      Agree…blah blah blah…its like robot answering those questions.

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    This F-16 offer proclamation of India being the F-16 manufacturer is a mirage. Turkey has its own production facility and so do many nations. Moreover, the F-16s are being phased out and the largest operator of F-16s is the USAF and they already have stockpiled their own spare parts since they are planning to phase the F-16s out in favor of the F-35s. In fact most western nations are following suit. The only market for such spares would be lower rung nations who cannot afford the F-35s and they may not go for the F-16s. This market that they profess about is a declining market and on the way out. in fact the only market would be India itself and India would handicap itself for decades by being forced to use a 70s era legacy fighter to fight 21st century battles. If India has to go for a foreign single engine fighter, Gripen is the far better choice. India can make an agreement with GE to supply the engines and agreement with Thales or Swedish Saab to supply the avionics.

    I would prefer that India concentrate on its LCA program. There is no reason to abandon the LCA program. For the kind of money that India is willing to sink in the single engine fighter, India could make the LCA a world class fighter capable of standing toe to toe with 4th and 4.5 generation fighters.

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    Wht if India chooses F16 and then US offers F35 to pakistan as govt to govt free power balance deal….dont trust US is what I say…only buy the best…dont fall for f16

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    Consider for a moment the following facts:
    Only about 30% of the total value of the F-16 is made by Lockheed. The powerplant is GE, the radar and targeting pods by Northrup, avionics and weapons systems mostly by Raytheon. So by offering to move the assembly plant to India, LM will only be transferring at best 30% of the value of the F-16 to India and that will be the lowest tech aspect that involves manufacturing the aero-structures which is of 1970s vintage. Great if you are Lockheed, not so if you are on the other side of the deal !

    In other words Lockheed will get rid of a factory that would have to be junked otherwise at great expense to LM and India gets literally junk for $ 15B !

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    Sudip Das

    Why an airframe which is 40 years old ?

    Why not collaborate with Lockheed Martin to develop specific technologies like AESA radar for the Tejas platform and for the same the BHRAMOS model can be repeated which has worked very well for India

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    Sudip Das

    If Lockheed does not transfer the manufacturing line to India from Texas , then they will have to shut it down with dwindling orders . Lockheed Martin wants to generate revenue by transferring the line to India , it suits them but not necessarily India . We do not need a manufacturing line for a single engine fighter like F-16. WE HAVE DEVELOPED Tejas and we need technology collaborations for systems like AESA radar , powerful thrust vectoring engine . Infact private industrial house like the Tatas , Godrej and ADAG should be encouraged to set up a production line for Tejas so that both HAL and the private industrial house together can deliver upto 40 Tejas aircrafts per year.

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    Very disappointed with some his answers…instead of talking specifics e.g. about radar tech on offer…he keeps repeating blah blah blah….I will not be surprised if this plane again gets a boot.

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    “This is the most advanced plane ever offered to India !!!!????” What is really a meaning of that statement? Does he think we are all that stupid?

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    He does not answer any question regarding Gripen and Saab.


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