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    Something I’d fishy here first the Army says, ” we want improvement on mk1″.
    DRDO- Okay. Product ready.
    Army- Oh…but you see this is overweight now!

    If I am not wrong previously Army has also not been able to specify the calibre of the gun.

    Now I guess they failed to mention that these tanks need to fight on the border and not just roll out on Rajpath.

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    Army Brass needs to be hang for treason as because of them indigenous arms are not being development of made, and scales of production are not being used to indigence further. There is so much a prototype can be modified , and only by production can other problem be solved like weight reduction. IF we used an indigenous engine which we do not because of lack of orders maybe this would have solved the problems of the tank.

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      Not true… if a prototype is flawed you can tweak it and produce a final product that fits in with the scale of requirements. Arjun, has drained so much money and produced a white elephant that is more for display then combat. A few mention able problems
      1. It cannot be transported by rail it’s too wide.
      2. It’s too heavy for most bridges
      3. Will sink in soft sand and boggy terrain
      4. No local engine
      5. Too square a target
      6. Not fast enough, low range of operation
      The list goes on and on….. The bottom line is, scrap the tank…. stop throwing money at a failure. Or if there is a war and these tanks are in quantities over 500 then don’t be surprised if the majority are off road or break down or simply fail to reach target zone for one of the few reasons / problems quoted.

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      Yeah you are right it’s reatards like you keeping the country together with your keyboard and internet connection. Have you ever driven a Arjun? No? Don’t comment then.

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    Probably should dump the Arjun mk2 and start a new program with the army as project lead and drdo designer.Rope in private industry to design and make parts like engine (Tata) ,Gun(Kalyani) and armor (mku)

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    So Indian Army first asks for a HEAVY tank when Pakistan was rumoured to buy heavy American tanks .

    Throws a tantrum about weight when it was built according to what they demanded originally.

    Demanded more features in Mark II which increased the weight further.

    Refuses comparative trials between Arnjun Mk II and T90 mostly because T-90 has been trounced by Arjun Mark I not too long back.

    Now is incompetent/shameless/confused enough to ask for weight reduction in Mark II while at the same time claiming that it’ll be useless too ?

    Just for comparison, following are weights of some contemporary tanks :
    Challenger 2 : 62 t
    Leopard 2 : 68 t
    Merkava : 65 t +
    M1 Abrams – 72 t

    Funny to see that all of modern battle tanks except for T-90 weigh almost same as Arjun, have been deployed in almost every terrain and offer much better armour, crew protection, mobility and fire power than T-90s which can’t even work in hot weather and in dark.

    What kind of moronic brown sahibs of Indian army are in charge of this fiasco ?

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    Ram Ram

    1. GoI should force the tank down the army’s throat
    2. Media should be kept out of this.
    3. The only thing the media and the armywalas are allowed to report is everything is good, great about indigenous programs

    This has to be done to give an even playing field to indigenous systems.

    The IA suddenly loses its voice when Russian tin cans and trash repeatedly fails, but when a desi DRDO product gives the slightest hint of developmental pangs, they start yelling from the high towers.

    Idiots of the biggest order

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    Here is my view. I agree with IA. And for DRDO this is what you have asking for. GSQR for FMBT.

    There you have it. IA wants 50 tonne Arjun. So either DRDO redesign hull & turret for 3 man, autoloader etc


    Take a T90 shell (armour & engine) and put Indian components from Arjun on it. Rectify all the problems T90 has.

    We now have the knowledge base to build a tank. So get on with it.

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      This is comical, probably your DRDO is infested by half wits trying to slim a fat lady down. Why bother? Make a new tank this one is for the scrap heap…. having said that carry on spend another 10 years tinkering until you get your slim but now completely obsolete tank. Either way it’s not working…. and there is clearly no vision and no imagination but plenty of cash to burn. It will run out…. cash does run out

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        I agree…Since you lot are eating grass as per the wishes of Bhutto, it is shameful we are yet to reach such level of expertise…

        All this money spending is just for you lot. After all, we will be raining all our weapons on the glorious Paki Army…..


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    Deeply saddened to hear this.

    I had thought Arjun had turned a corner with Mark II but it was blindsided. It is infuriating that the standards are set impossibly high for indigenous products during trials while leniency is show for foreign products as mentioned by CAG reports. The death of Arjun Mark II project director just adds to the insult.

    If Arjun can beat T-90 in a given scenario, no matter what the weight class or doctrine, Indian Army has to admit that it is a better product. It would be a folly of gigantic proportions if such a better product is not used or supported or is sidelined due to bad treatment.

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    People, relax. This is not 1980-90 where our tank building ecosystem was coming up.

    Now we have the ecosystem. Bharat pack engine is progressing. If there is any cutting edge component missing, Israel will provide.

    If not Arjun, we will design another one as asked by Army. We now know how to build & produce a tank. This is the key.

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    Hari Sud

    Terribly spoiled bunch of army men hell bent on imports.


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