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    bennedose (@bennedose)

    I am happy to see this site expand to be a good source for defence related material that I have now followed since the ’65 war.

    With respect – I read too many articles that carry the standard words that this development is “very worrying”. Why is it worrying? What is it that the Chinese are expected to do? A short analysis and explanation of that would be more informative than the mere fact that something is being built. I must point out that it is rather irritating to read one paragraph that says that a noose is being put around India’s neck and the next paragraph that says that India should send “a strong message” Surely a person with a noose around his neck gains nothing by sending messages strong or weak.

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      @Bennedose Spot on. Glad to hear from such an experienced military strategist as yourself.

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      Excellent observations. Too much hyperbole. Author should instead focus on facts and leave it to the reader to decode implications.

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    Shiv Aroor

    Fair point. Will send your feedback to the contributor.

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    Feydhoo Finolhu / Gan is about 600 Kms north of Diego Garcia and about 1100 Km from India. If the Chinese put up a listening post here and berth their navy there, they will do so to listen to USN/USAF/USMC in Diego Garcia, who will return the favor to the chinese.
    Feydhoo Finolhu is on the same atoll as Gan, Maldives, which it was once planned that the IAF can land planes there. That airport was expanded for a SAARC summit.

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    Feydhoo and Feydhoo Finolhu are two different islands in 2 very different atolls. Feydhoo is in Addu Atoll near Gan Island and Feydoo Finolhu is in Kaafu Atoll and very close to the capital Male’.

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    Hirak Nag

    India’s interest in the Maldive islands is well known and the government of the Islands reciprocates with friendliness. India will ensure no hostile power intervenes.

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    Hirak Nag

    The Maldives are of great strategic interest to India.

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    Hirak Nag

    The Maldive islands are maintained friendly since they are of our great strategic interest.

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    Hirak Nag

    The Maldive islands are friendly to India and we will maintain that relationship.

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    Anyone who has a little knowledge of Maldives geography will know this article is full of bull shit.
    But we all know that gov is helpful to China and no close ties with India.

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    Desert Tortoise

    Seems to this observer pretty obvious why China would want bases on Maldives territory along with Sri Lanka and Pakistan. With these the could choke Indian maritime commerce including their fishing fleet were a war to break out between India and China. India would be equally interested in shutting off Chinas maritime trade across the Indian ocean from the Red Sea and Pakistan. Those island bases could make it very hard for India to do so. Likewise if China and the US were to engage in a war, China would be anxious to guard its maritime trade routes from the Red Sea while the US Navy would be equally ardent to sink that shipping and starve China of resources.


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