India’s Military Robot Program Detailed In Comprehensive New Video

That India’s DRDO has a substantial number of unmanned system projects has been known for a while. The Daksh ROV, in service with the Indian Army already, has been the solid face of a programme that was so far only reputed to be wide-ranging and deep. The DRDO has frequently put on display some of its ‘soldier robots’ at trade shows. But this new, and unusually comprehensive video put out by the DRDO this week is easily the most comprehensive look at the individual projects with rare footage from development tests. Several of these systems are currently in customer trials with the Indian Army (for counter-insurgency operations) or paramilitary forces, while many others featured in this new video will follow. Some fresh highlights in this video include two separate unmanned BMP-II (Muntra) and truck based NBC recce vehicles, a tracked robotic ground system, a mine-handling UGV (and even what appears to be a strap-on module to unman an automobile). Of course, this being the DRDO, you’ll have to forgive the music.

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