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    Baldev singh

    If i were to take a decision, I would do the following:

    Augument fighter strength by adding to existing types by increasing rafael order to 36 more and add Mig 31 as a continuation of mig 29 lineage, add sparepart and maintenance contract for IN and IAF

    Bring in accountability for SU30MKI and push for much better availability, create spare part pool with ready to install components like full engines and aux units (always in stock)

    Place light fighters not yet in IAF like HAL/BAE armed hawk so in case of conflict, MRCA are not called in for slow mountain pass attacks, freeing up assets and increasing effecting combat capability but still reducing costs. this also helps pilots in their graduation program, one more ladder is one better career path to retain pilots.

    Pump up lca production, install assembly line for aircraft that promises best export and exchange earning potential like F16 maybe. Just the business will make sense if not addition to fleet, quickly add 100 such fighters as they are proven reliable and still deadly.

    keep developing one light and one stealth medium fighter to secure the future

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    Don’t all 6 points make the same point? Parrikar, parrikar, parrikar, parrikar and lastly parrikar. Reader is no wiser at the end.

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    Dear Shiv,
    When are you coming with details on the Nuclear Submarine Project. Unfortunately over the past two years there had been hardly any news on that front.

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    Hopefully, appeasement imports like VIP transporters and DRDO projects like LCA will finally bite the dust in favour of real teeth.

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    I hope sure do have atleast 150 Su-30 capable of carrying Brahmos. 40 is too less.
    Our firepower to support ground troops will increase tremendously with introduction of rudra and LCH.
    So have a re look at the number of strike aircraft.

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    Gold plated Imported Air Farce (for flyby displays) with RIP Marut & LCA written all over again !!!
    Dallals laughing all the way to Swiss bank and BJP’s 2019 election funding completely assured !
    And we will continue to fight with what we have ! Awesome !!

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    Huh ? What’s new in this ? “We’ll buy uber-expensive foreign planes even if we have to cut our innards!”. And, “We’ll buy Russian FGFA because Russia was once a friend in its earlier avatar, 30 years ago.”

    I mean come on, why don’t we ever hear, “We’ll partner with the DRDO to get the final certification for Tejas by this year, even if it means cutting other crucial expenses.” Or, “We’ll mediate between the private sector and DRDO to get the Tejas Mk.2 in the air ASAP! Book all meetings with CII and FICCI.”

    But alas! The IAF stands for Imported Air Force. And true to their word, they’re taking the easy way out even this time. All this cost-wost cutting and “blood spilling” is just a smokescreen.


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