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    Good to see a lot locally developed missiles coming of age. The integrated missile development program has created a complete Eco system for missiles, took good 30 years ! But great effort , great results.
    Now same thing needs to be for armored vehicles, fighters jets, assualt rifles, submaries, artillery (have local motorised versions of 155 mm)

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    parshu narayanan

    vympel seeker?

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    Noel Menezes

    Shiv, the image represent the missile inside the canister, once fired the mid body wings and rear fins will unfold.

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    A refreshingly exciting and path-breaking news !! Now this is the kind of tabloid journalism we need to unearth DRDO’s top-secret experiments with cutting-edge technology (In fact, I re-read the article twice to make sure there is no mention of Israel in this, and that was a relief !)

    Who cares about what plans SAAB and Boeing have for India, when DRDO has such fireworks already ?

    This missile is most likely to be based on Akash’s airframe, and the Astra’s guidance model. So, it probably combines the best of both worlds in terms of maneuverability and guidance. At a range of 30 kms, it should be able to defend a very wide area in say, the Northeast, at our western frontier or even the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It can even be used aboard our stealth destroyers, to add to their potency.

    The local private sector must be invited to manufacture components for the indigenous QRSAM. I’m sure with their participation, things will more quicker than with OFBs.

    Now, its upto the Armed forces and the moribund Defence Ministry to show interest in the QRSAM, and assist in its completion and induction.

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    Good news of a test firing.Did it meet the parameters of the test?

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    Always doubtful about the performance of Indian missiles since a reports on Akash and Nirbhay missiles weren’t very encouraging. Far too many failures in these missiles robs one of confidence and the big question is are they going to work in a war situation. Is that why we keep on going back to Israelis for joint developments ? Missibles with reliability problems are a waste of money, DRDO should invest more in R&D in Akash and other missiles before bringing out new ones.


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