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    why is reliance defence is there have they ever built a small boat/corvette ??

    why mdl or hsl or cochine shipyard are not there.

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      reliance defence bought Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Company (which was already working for Indian navy & has lots of experience ) , and PSUs have already orders and they dont have capacity for more orders .

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    Good thing we are slowly but steadily getting there. 3 air launched Brahmos or even cruise missiles will be deadly load for an aircraft in combat to destroy critical enemy infrastructure from stand off distance.
    We should also hopefully getting our Tapas series of UAV right .

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    Hey Shiv, any possibility of the BrahMos making it to the Tejas?

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      Shiv Aroor

      Highly unlikely.

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      Yes brahmos NG light version will be integrated to tejas.its 1.5 ton missile with a standoff range of 300 km.

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    Parshu Narayanan

    Can you share any link or write yourself an article on how the air-sea-land launch Brahmos when fully operationalised will change Indian strategy and tactics and open new opportunities for Indian defence please. The larger context from both a military and policy/geopolitical view seems missing from our media.

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    With a highly effective cruise missile like the Brahmos, India needs a good strategic bomber platform to carry them. Tinkering with Sukhoi MKI is not a great option as they are essentially combat aircraft built for agility and not to carry heavy weapons. With LCA Tejas experience, India can attempt to build an enlarged version with four engines, similar to an Avro Vulcan which can be a standoff plaform for cruise missiles. A pure delta wing configuration without tail is an ideal design for strike aircrafts and bomber aircrafts as they can carry more fuel.

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    Hey shiv,
    Can u write a report on advantages for IAF in likely China war, due to altitude of Chinese airfield and how they restict full load on thier planes vis a vis IAF which can do full load on theirs?


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