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    I understand that the SRAAM chosen for the Tejas Mk.1/Mk.1A needs to be integrated with the HMDS, i.e. with the TARGO HMDS from ELBIT Systems. ASRAAM isn’t compatible with TARGO & ASRAAM can be used only with the BAE Systems-developed HMDS. That’s the reason why the IAF & IN had specified Python-5 for the Tejas Mk.1/Mk.1A & the LCA (Navy) Mk.1.

    Also, neither HAL nor the IAF issued any RFI/RFP for any new HMDS for the Tejas Mk.1A, which means the TARGO HMDS is now standard fit for the Tejas Mk.1A.

    Similiar is the case with the HAL/BAE Systems-developed Combat Hawk too, that has TARGO HMDS from ELBIT Systems.

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    Arming the Hawk trainer fleet with the ASRAAM and Brimstone is a wrong move, as Hawk is ” trainer ” not a battle proven aircraft. When we start fighting air battles with trainers consider the battle lost. They will be shot out of the air by Paki F16s without any hassle.

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      IAF is such that it will arm fighter jets made from the morning newspaper, and send pilots in them to fight…………………….but NOT the Tejas. Why? Because there is inherent disdain for anything indigenous.


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