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    This is a ridiculous exercise. The only point would be to buy time for the Tejas production line to get up to speed and start churning out fighters

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    Shubhankar Sharma

    Can you pls provide the full RFI documents.

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    The World must be laughing at this Indian drama. Not soon after the MMRCA was abruptly shut with the purchase of 36 Rafales, the so-called SEF hat was thrown in the air. When it became clear that the Tejas has come of age and should be the SEF itself, the government junked the SEF proposal, and declared a new contest.

    If the Government were really serious about “Make in India,” employment generation, and making India a defence exporter, it should’ve rallied the Indian private industry to develop parts of the Tejas Mk 1 and Mk1A. As various IAF’s Officers themselves have stated, in it’s current form itself, it is equal and even superior in some respects to the MiG-27s and Mirage-2000s. It should be equal or superior to even the MiG-29 too, given that the latter is a contemporary of the Mirage-2000.

    If targeted production numbers fall short, why can’t the Adanis, Ambanis and Tatas take up to manufacturing the Tejas ? Surely, the MoD can treat this as a pressing Defence requirement and provide them with sops just as it has done to other “sunshine” sectors like IT and telecom.

    This will hasten the development of the Tejas Mk.2 whose projected features will make it equal to the Gripen E — a competitor in the latest sweepstakes. This will render the entire MMRCA drama Act-2, also unnecessary, just as the SEF drama was rendered unnecessary.

    Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman must be informed that assembling / manufacturing a foreign fighter plane on Indian soil is akin to “Copy-paste in India” rather than “Make in India”. It’s no different than making American iPhones at a sweatshop in China, or Toyota cars at a plant in Chennai. Only the Tejas qualifies as a “Made in India” product, and will always be so.

    Similarly, no wise foreign Government will ever allow the transfer of it’s deepest technological secrets to India (or to Indian middlemen like Adani or Mahindra). If the Indian bureaucracy thinks it is possible, then they’re living in a fool’s paradise.

    I’m extremely disappointed in the decision of the IAF and the Defence Ministry to pursue this tender, instead of marshalling all resources to get the Tejas Mk2 in the air.

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    Gi surgeon

    Absolutely why can’t these people think simple


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