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    I think a geopolitical awkwardness of selecting between an old American F-16 and a modern Gripen with American engines was also a factor that mattered.

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    Bhavesh Kumar

    Actually, 200 rafales are coming. Rafale by using offset money has built(in process) a whole ecosystem required. Made in India rafale powered by Kaveri K9 are coming for sure.
    36 already ordered, 90-114 by new order and 57 naval aircrafts. Total of minimum of 193 to a maximum of 207 rafales.
    It will indeed double our Air Force power along with 14 Sukhoi squads and with upgrades to sukhois and rafale IAF will surely dominate the skies till AMCA arrives.
    Maybe IAF should buy all mig 29’s, mirages 2000 and jaguar aircrafts with all other air forces to keep the existing fleet flying by cannibalizing parts from the imported ones and even a few squads can be raised from them.
    Than more mk1A should be ordered, maybe 40 more and than MK2 should be developed on time.
    If we take the year 2032, we will have a max of 21-22 squads of sukhois and rafales combined. All Other Russian and French fighters will be retired and AMCA production will begin.
    We have to produce a minimum of 20 squads of Tejas MK1A and 2 to achieve the goal of 42 squads. Six squads (2 squads should be ordered more at least) number of MK1 and 1A are confirmed. So, we have to see how we can ramp up production of MK2, maybe by a parallel private production line. A minimum of 12 squads should be ordered once it is ready and it should also be promoted as an export product. So that 6 squads from both HAL line and from private contractor line from 2027 to 32.

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      And I want an imported Mercedes and BMW for every household.

      Hey man, where is the money for all this? Why not produce it internally like every other country in the West. Money stays within the local ecosystem and more employment for local people.

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      And You Are?

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    How about just focusing on the indigenous LCA Mk.1, 1A and 2 instead of imports? Imported Air Force jindabad!

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    Sudip Das

    Let’s say formal inquiry will be released in June 2018, will it be another decade to decide i.e. actual orders will be placed in 2028.

    India is already having plans to have two operational aircraft carriers , then why should not they have aircrafts operating from these aircraft carriers

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      because we don’t have helicopters operating from our frigates/destroyers either. that’s how we do things.

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    IAF…ram bharose….again!

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    We are actually following dis-armament policy.
    We as a nation deserve to be given a Noble peace prize .
    It takes a lot of effort to get here.
    No new rifles. No new artillery.
    No new APCs.
    No new fighters. No new light utility helicopters.
    No new light transport planes . No new medium transport planes
    No new mid air refuelling aircraft. No new AWAC.
    No new mine sweepers.
    No new anti sub helicopters.
    No new drones
    Subs without torpedoes. Duds as carrier fighters.
    Tejas cannot fire a gun after so many years.
    HAL says no orders , but takes ages to build Tejas production.
    Shipyards say fully booked , but no deliveries.

    Anything ordered is immediately politicised , criticised and torn apart by specialists (in writing blogs and newspaper articles) & opposition.

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      India is the biggest defense importer in the world for many years running. Budget is limited. Imports of “best brochure” wares are expensive. For example, $8 billion only bought 36 Rafales. At those prices, how much is required for desired 42 squadrons? That is just the IAF. The IA and IN also have an expensive laundry list of imports. But there is only so much budget. Cheap indigenous products are the solution but don’t get brought in enough quantities (and in piecemeal fashion) to make their products non-viable for Indian manufacturers. Things don’t add up my friend.

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    Dude. Its a simple chess game. The writing is on the wall. Just read it out loud…

    The Modi Gov’t is just buying more time for Tejas to grow into a true fighter jet. If Tejas Mark-1A can deliver by the time it takes (atleast another 3-4 years) for this RFI and selection to go through then scrap the procurement and go with Tejas and develop Mark-2. Else carry on with the procurement.


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