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    Subarno Sinha

    In its follow on iteration, Lockheed Martin MH-60R has higher chances of selection than NH-90NFH and Airbus H225M Naval Super Puma, although the Super Puma Naval is equally capable chopper. Romeo has defeated the NH-90 once in competitive bidding, plus since the NH-90 fleet of various countries are facing significant technical problems, I wouldn’t rate the chances of NH-90 too high.

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    I certainly agree this govt-to-govt order will be a massive relief to the IN who desperately need those airframes through the door yesterday if they could. That being said, surely this gives LockMart-Sikorsky a bit of a leg up in the remaining 123 helicopter order? Surely it would be rather stupid to eventually agree for a different platform for the rest of the order when the MH-60 was picked according to what I imagine would be the same criterion? Makes no sense having another disparate platform for maintenance.
    So with that being said, surely the priority now should be to get this current order rubber stamped and out the gate ASAP and then sitting down with them to ensure that the invariably more complicated and troublesome Strategic Partnership model is hashed out and India can have the requisite number of airframes for use across the entire IN fleet.

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    Romeo is proven naval heli and we should go for it. Only hindrance in G2G is access to full technology and spares over the years. Guess in critical times this is the best option.

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    Good thing.
    I think we must stick to Govt to Govt deals. Let the armed forces select and leave the procurement to Govt.
    Makes whole system transparent, also allows to have friends.
    I hope with 100+ following , we ensure the company manufactures in India. In fact even for this order they can begin to order components from TATA/Mahinda/Dynamatic.

    No point in splitting the order.


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