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    Indrajit Majumdar

    The problem is, they were willing to share almost nothing. Finance was never a problem.

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    This is Excellent news. This paves the way for the indigenous AMCA to get the full attention and resources — financial as well as technological — that it needs to get up and flying.

    In fact, I believe that as we progress in the 21st century, India must finally halt purchases of ALL foreign aircraft, ignoring the deceptive terms & conditions they come with (like the Russian PAK-FA). It’s high time that the Indian Aerospace industry develops it’s own aircraft and gets them inducted into the IAF.

    The IAF must also not sit aloof and proactively encourage the development of indigenous fighter jets. No more changing requirements mid-way. And no more episodes like the IAF Chief shaking his head on national TV, when asked about Tejas.

    In fact, in the years ahead our HAL must compete with the Lockheeds and Russian UAC on the global market. Currently, it plays second fiddle to these companies in licensing (read: copy-pasting) their aircrafts at a plant in Bangalore.

    Finally, the IAF and our policy makers must realize that no military power in the world has become so by importing foreign weaponry. Not the UA, not Russia, not France and not Israel. The only nations that purchase weapons are Banana Republics like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Nigeria, Venezuela etc. India must aspire to be the former, and not the latter.


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