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    If a decision is made, hope the MoD places orders for the options quickly. These guys are simply too slow. The last order of C 17 is a classic case.
    It is not good to split Apaches between air force and army. Hope they move all to one of them.

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    This IAF and IA bickering over the Apaches really has me confused. Surely they will primarily be used as a tip of the spear option against any mobilised armour incursion on our western front and to that end wouldn’t it make sense for them to be embedded in the IA as part of the integrated response? I mean really if there was a sense that there would be more interservices cohesion especially operationally, (whether that be through a joint command structure a la Joint Chiefs model or not), then I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem because ultimately whose Apache’s, IAF or IA, makes no difference. All would be used as part of a combined well thought out doctrine.

    I’m also very curious to see how the heavy hitting Apache’s will be paired up with the HAL LCH when it eventually makes it to frontline service.


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