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    Hi Mihir, whatever happened to the Novator program. Is that long range AA missile still on the cards or canned all together ?

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    RAdm Surendra Ahuja, VSM (Retd)

    Well researched! Got to learn a few things. Thanks.

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    Anthony Konar

    I sigh when I read about the inertia that plagues India. I’ve never been to India but I’ve come to love the land that my ancestors once walked. If only the bureaucratic bungling can be expunged or at least kept at a dull roar, this ancient land would come back to life and be treated with some respect. It did not escape my attention when India & Pakistan (two nuclear capable nations) were on the brink of war, the world seemed to be distracted by very ordinary ‘goings-on’ in Hanoi between two very ordinary individuals, more interested in themselves than the good of the world community.
    I sincerely hope India can get its act together and stick to the “plan” to modernize – and lift its people out of the lethargy that seems to be endemic in its Government & public service.
    Best Wishes

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    Python-5 it not certified for Tejas

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    Shubham Joshi

    Good piece. Would have been even better had it covered details of KS-172 Novator missile as well.

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    Dar el Kuffar

    AIM-9X is far from being great : A Syrian Su-22 managed to dodge it in 2018, despite the F/A-18 shot it near point-blank from only 8km.
    ALL Paki AMRAAM shot against Indian Su-30MKI in Feb.2018 missed, were dodged, jammed and/or eventually shot down by Flankers… In fact, no AMRAAM ever achieved a real-combat kill longer than 36-38km, and it was against Serbian poorly maintained MiG-29 where RWR and radar weren’t working at all…
    MICA-IR has more range than ASRAAM.
    Better remember that integration of a missile on a platform can cost BIG money, so multiplying the types of missiles may not be a great bargain too 😉
    Since DRDO approved RBE2/AESA on Tejas, integrating Meteor may not be an issue if MoD decides to equip Tejas with this in replacement of PESA EL/M 2032


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