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    K V K Rao

    Mr Aroor does not at any time mention our own missile under development which is in the Meteor class (SFDR). He is possibly one of the few remaining people who cannot see a future without being enslaved to the Goras. He along with some IAF folks and some journos want more and more imports.

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    UK is integrating the Meteor with JSF F-35. F-35 has a non-european radar

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      NATO, F-35 is bought by many nato countries and where they are sold they can sell Meteor too as they are allies. UK is one of the developers of the missile too , so obvious it would want to put on aircraft.

      When it said the radar would not be integrated until 2022 the Israeli radar. It may have been better to have used the cheaper Uttam radar which is going through integration on Tejas right now.

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    This is another “pressure tactic” and a totally “monopolistic” attempt to support the EU Defense industry. Such absurd “requirements” should be ALL the motivation required for the IAF and ELTA to tie up with other DRDO and other Israeli manufacturers to develop a competing system for half the cost and under-cut the Europeans.

    Even “seed funding” for this by India can get the ball rolling and get the Europeans to change their tune plus Israel would love to capitalize on this opportunity to build a system they would ultimately find immensely useful to maintain air superiority for decades to come in the ME & Africa.

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    This isn’t how European Union wants to spread their business by pressuring the IAF and Government. They want to push all their avionics in IAF fleet. That’s why go for should think over the indigenous and develop in-house technology.
    Raffle or Thales, they want to do the business with IAF by pressurisation or defaming our own PSUs and DRDOs capability, later they will squeeze money for fleet support.

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    vinayak upadhyaya

    Why western countries will allow India to integrate their missiles and other electronic equipment in Tejas fighter planes ? India is a big market for their defense products . Indian armed forces are not satisfied with local OFB products and that is why we are importing from Rifle to tank and planes. We can’t defend our country by importing defense equipment .


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