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    Iqbal hussain

    Now Russia have in support to IAF ,just to sell it misile and jets as IAF opend it market to purchase new equipment, Billions doller deal have watered in Russian mouth, now thy can sign any report to favour for indian client.

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    I like how Indians ignore the US count that proved they didn’t lose any f16. Indian Air force released fake photos which went against literally every other countries satellite images. European images, American images, Australian images, all proved Indian jets missed their targets in Balakot yet somehow Indian images said something else. Perhaps it’s their cheap satellites or their cheap army. Similarly India is all about false evidence. The US count, the display of the Jets wings and radar seekers which were intact and are literally the first thing to explode if they hit the target, which they didn’t, obviously India denies it. This is why India’s dignity is built on lies.


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