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    hey Shiv,

    On the 2 slides that you have shown here, did Livefist make those? If not, why is Livefist’s logo on it? It should be of the organization that made it (even if you are trying to put a watermark or something).


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    Raj Holkar

    Whoever that former military chief you mentioned is, that typically is the mindset that is the problem with India. It’s a typical subservient mindset that the west preaches to India , where a developing country like India is not supposed to indulge in futuristic research because India lags behind in basic technologies and infrastructure. If your comment is true , then that sort of bull**** thinking, unfortunately prevails at the highest echelons of the Indian military who would like India to be dependent on other countries forever, for futuristic technologies. R&D in India needs to be promoted on a much larger scale if India is to be a superpower in the not to distant future.


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