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    Subarno Sinha

    I still think that the competition is between Saab Kockums and TKMS HDW. The fact the HDW Type-209 is serving IN silently without any fuss is another positive. Given the scandalous Scorpene leak, chances for Naval Group are slim. 1 Kilo Class is destroyed by fire, another sub also had a fire incident onboard, raising serious questions on Russian quality. Vikramamditya fiasco has also made IN wary of trusting Russians in such over ambitious project. Whichever submarine IN selects, it’ll require considerable redesign to accommodate VLS tubes and PAFC AIP. It’s battle management system will be modified to include weapons of Indian and Russian origin.

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    Naval Group can also propose Shortfin Barracuda Block 1A.

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    I feel Amur would be the best as this will be much more than just 6 subs. We also need their help in SSN and SSBN. Finally India will need to build larger subs which Russia specializes in.


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