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    Mirage 2000s, which cant fire BVR missiles????? wtf???,,IAF did not get a A2A missile matching the Paki AMRAAM range for 12 years….Our Sukhois and Mig29s had to run away to save themselves on Feb 27 from the F16 AMRAAMs??? How good a situation was that when we say we are battle prepared…….?????

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    Suresh Rao

    What a huge tragedy that our corrupt antinational politicians let their politics and selfishness rule their decision making. First it was the NDA Government and the then RM George Fernandes an then the UPA 1 Government with its RM Saint Anthony. The French were keen to transfer the Mirage production line to India and right from 2001 till 2004 George Fernandes kept dilly dallying on the question of single vendor situation and from 2004 it was Saint Anthony. The French has begun to wind down the Mirage line in 2004 but kept the offer open till 2006. Even then it as very clear that the Tejas could not be delivered. Yet the UPA Government simply did not bring the Mirage production line here to India. If India had gone in for the Mirage 2000s then, we would have had 240 or so frontline fighters we would not have been in such deep shit as we find ourselves in today.. At least this Government that has a clear majority should take bold and courageous decision to bring in the Rafael production line to India by 2024 so that India has a sizeable numbers of both the HCA Su 30MKIs and the Rafael F4s

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    Suresh Rao

    A great video of the Mirage 2000. Today 30 years later it is still the most trusted warplane of the IAF.. Okay, our Governments did not have the brains to start the manufacturing line here in India but the least we could have one is bought additional quantities of the Mirage 2000s directly from the French. See how the Paki Treacherous Heathen (PTH) built the PAF around the F-16.!!! It is a very poor country yet thy managed to build up an inventory of 76-1=75 F-16s. Here the IAF could have very well done with 120 to 140 Mirage 2000sTodau the IAF are struggling with only the 47 or so of these air beauties. Hope and pray to God that the Narendra Modi Government does not stop with 36 Rafaels but orders another 114 Rafaels in the MMRCA 2.0 order.

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      Please note : 76-1 =75 F 16s . The -1 represents the one F16 shot down by Wingco Abhinandan Varthaman post Balakot


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