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    Suresh Rao

    IAF and HAL have acquired 260 Su-30MKIs which are powered by 2 AL-31F Engines. So HAL has or should have had sufficient experience with the AL-31F jet engines. It is a real mystery why the HAL and NAL/ADA have opted for the less powerful GE’s F414 engines with a maximum power output of 98kN. If HAL were to use the AL-31F engines with a maximum power output of 127Kn it will become a true medium weight fighter which can effectively and very comfortably replace even the Mirage 2000s. This will also match the Chinese J-10 and will give IAF a more power jet fighter which will also save IAF on R&M and spares as IAF technicians are already familiar with the AL -31F engines for nearly 2 decades. Can anyone throw light on the folly of HAL/IAF , please?

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      Suresh Rao, Tejas Mk.1 itself can replace the Mirage-2000s, given it’s light weight due to use of composite structures. Just compare the payload and range specifications of Tejas Mk.1 with Mirage-2000 in all combat configurations. You’ll see they’re very similar.

      Tejas Mk.2 will have GE-F414 engines because these engines are of almost same dimensions as the earlier GE-F404. So, minimal design changes will be needed in Tejas Mk.2. Had we opted for the larger Al-31F, much more significant changes would’ve been needed in the layout of Tejas Mk.2.


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