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    Ankit Kumar

    And what about the aircraft cannon. Will it be a part of Mk1 specs or the coming SP series will sport it ?

    Further when can we see the FOC ?

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    all product developments are like this. The user needs to begin to use it, then feedback provided to improve in an agile manner. So IAF & HAL can plan a tranche every 20 planes a squadron. By the third squadron most of the rough edges will be sorted out. Then the first can be upgraded or retired/cannibalised for spares.
    Great to see the positve news.

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    Mango Man

    Hi Editor,

    The F414-GE-INS6 engine and its induction into the LCA is required regardles whether IAF wants it or not. This is Simply because that a stronger Engine is a mandatory requirement given by the IN for the Naval LCA Project.

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    Amjad Sabri, huh? Interesting choice of filename for the LCA “ghoul” image. 🙂

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    Any idea on the timeframe for MK1A and the weight reduction planned for MK1A?

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    Sudip Das

    Why can’t the RWR of SU-30MKI developed by DRDO BE USED for LCA Tejas,

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    Sudip Das

    Russians have very good jamming technology, why doesn’t DRDO develop SPJs in collaboration with the Russians

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    Just as Pakistan is fabled to possess a paint that converts anything painted into pakistani equipment india seems to want a magic wand like in Cinderella which converted the pumpkin into a horse driven carriage

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    The mark 2 Tejas need to be at least 1.5 metre longer , front canards, improved fuel capacity , thrust vectoring and radar evading features included. It needs a whole lot of improvements, some major ones requiring redesign work. But knowing Indian scientists it will take another 30 yrs. to introduce these improvements. That is one reason IAF is reluctant to go for the Tejas Mk.2. At this point in time giving up on Tejas will finish the Indian Aircraft industry for ever. While our adversary across the Himalayas is testing the fifth gen. air crafts. It is wise to remember wars can’t be fought on bought out equipment. If you haven’t got the industrial power, don’t start a war.

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      Kunwar Singh

      Without giving enough money, nobody can make changes fast. IAF and the gov of earlier regime have given funds to scientfic community in bits in comparison to the counterparts that have developed the same kind of platform for the first time. So delay is the fault of gov and corrupt IAF officials and babus.

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    IAF,DRDO,HAL has fucked up Tejas and LCA

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      ?, didn’t get u r point, please explain ! Always remember it is the very first Indian attempt to design and build a fighter . I do admit it has taken far too long to come this far though.

      1. 10.1.1


        Second attempt. Asia’s first supersonic fighter was designed in HAL by Prof.Kurt Tank, iconic designer of the Fockewolf fighter – HF24 Marut


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