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    Amit Vikram

    Kindly publish comparative article of indigenous indian and Chinese fighter helicopters.

    And India’s availability and requirements of helicopters to tackle both pakistan and China.

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    HAL must integrate Hydra-70 Rocket Pods & AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles with LCH because Apache Helicopters utilises the same weapons.

    This can allow greater weapons commonality between both Attack Helicopters.

    I really hope that HAL LCH is given a 2 additional Hard points at Wing tips to integrate Short range Air-to-air Missiles like Python, R-73, AIM-9, AIM-92 etc.

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    Short range Air-to-air Missiles can allow HAL LCH to effectively target UAVs & Helicopters be it Utility or Attack versions in any foreseeable confrontation.

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    Of course, now HAL has to deliver on time and budget. I hope they can for once. I really do.

    However, their record on the LCA MK1 is not encouraging. Supposed to have delivered the first 40 by 2016: only 16 so far.

    It seems they can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Like the OFB, they get a free get out jail card each time they miss delivery or a product that doesn’t help users win the war.

    HAL is a major factor (along with the MOD) in the decline of the IAF. Thanks to them we send our young men/women into battle with Vampires against F-86 Sabres with sidewinders in 1965, and SU 30 MKIs with useless R77s against Block 50 F16s that lock in with AIM 120 C5s.

    Good as an employment scheme for unionized underachievers, HAL is a national security threat to the Indian state. Time the GOI split them up and privatized them

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    Just 4 years to close a contract between Indian MOD and the PSU HAL. Amazing, simply amazing. I hope we can become “atmanirbhar” by the year 2320.

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    Requirement started with kargil war – 1999 – I m @ 10th class

    2006, the Indian government decided go with LCH’s development – started working (with 1 year exp)

    First flight – 2010 – looking for marriage

    2012 began a series of trials – Married in 2013

    2015, a number of cold weather trials – blessed with daughter

    ready for production in February 2020 – searching for daughter school


    Army/IAF still waiting for LCH …………………………………


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