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    This interview actually highlights the issue. This man is basically a bureaucratic babu. None of the queries the pilot raised have been answered. We need this HAL to change. And change will start with leaders bought from global aeronautical gaints. If we are proud of Indians heading google and MS, why can’t we get talent from boeing and general dynamics?

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    I wanted to point out an error in the article. It quotes “Sikorsky S-72” as a participant. The model that is participating is actually S-76D.

    Upon hearing the interview, I’m convinced HAL chairman is not really addressing the concerns raised. The quality control part is exceptionally bad. If the parts in the document and product differ, it is a serious concern. After Ecuador fiasco, they have not really managed to export any Dhuruvs. The naval aviation team is right to be concerned.

    From reading, Commander Yasodhan Marathe’s inputs. I can see a navy helicopter is very different from a helicopter meant to operate in high altitude. I would like for the navy to get a new type rather than HAL Dhuruv.

    I was reading through both RFIs for NUH and NMRH along with a coast gaurd requirment for 16 medium lift helicopters. It seems as if NUH and Coast guard had similar requirements when they were conceived as transport helicopters with only range and passenger load being different. But NUH is kinda taking over some responsibility of NMRH like anti-submarine capability. It makes sense to buy a common airframe and customise it for our requirements. The indegenisation percentage can also be increased from 40% demanded right now for 123 air-frames to somewhere above 80%. It will be similar to replicating the success of Cheetah and chetal helicopters.

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    Well, it seems NUH has become a hot potato. It is not gonna go any further till this tiff dies down. There are 3 issues here one is dhuruv not meeting naval requirements penned 35 years ago, second HAL not being allowed to participate and third Indian navy desperately needs helicopters yesterday so much so that US navy is diverting it’s MH 60 airframes for India.

    I have an idea. Let nuh be as it is. Focus on 123 naval multi role helicopter(nmrh) and do the SP thing there first. This way Indian navy gets a production line for its immediate needs. I’m sure nmrh being a bigger helicopter can do nuh role as well for the time being. In the mean time, there is an order for 16 ALH from navy, if HAL can demonstrate blade and boom folding on 2 of them. They could be included in nuh competition. This approach seems fair to both parties.

    If HAL fails, the impact gets mitigated my timely induction of nmrh. If negotiations for nuh drag out further, navy can always order more nmrh from production line. The long term benefit of this apprach is that with a new competitor to HAL. The requirement to replace mi17 in next decade will be a level field between 2 domestic designs. Let’s see how this pans out.

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    LOL…Can one do something in 2 years, which has not been done in 20 years ???

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    ALH has done Extremely well in its hot and high performance was developed with extensive input by MBB.
    No assurance it will do well in marine.
    Let NUH go ahead with SP model.
    Let HAL set up a marine helicopter team, master the relevant technologies.
    It would also help if HAL changes its HR policies to attract global talent.
    From the letters of Naval aviators, product support esp root cause analysis of failures is non existent.
    The South American experience showed the same thing.
    Let HAL focus on ALH, LUH, LCH.
    Let the new IMRH be based on new helicopter technologies being tested by Boeing & Bell. Otherwise there is no point in having helicopter in 2030 based on technology used in Mi-4.


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