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    Please note that the Dhruv’s bought for Naval, Army and Coast Guard requirement only fly from land. The NUH requirement is for Hptrs to be stowed on ships and fly from ships. This has not been achieved.

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    J Thomas

    The surface navy has done well in indigenisation. That is because they have their own design team. They also allow naval officers to join DRDO, BEL etc. They co-operate with DRDO and defence PSUs.

    The naval air arm has followed the practices of the air force. It is time for them to emulate the surface navy instead.

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      Sudhir Pillai

      There is huge gulf between surface naval requirements and exacting requirements that naval air must fulfil. It’s comparing apples and oranges.

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    Sunil Issar

    The army should also push back on the ordnance factories especially on poor QA leading to defective ammunition and deaths of soldiers due to this. Criminal cases should be filed and pursued.

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    Harpreet Singh

    The economic realities of 2020 are very different from 2011. We could buy anything then, even C17s.

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    HAL needs to focus on improving performance rather than trying to blame users. These are aspects which are processed as per clearly laid down multi layered processes and recorded. It’s foolish on the part of HAL to think that they can misquote facts. Yes, we all agree that maximum hand holding must be done to encourage Indian manufacturing. In the case of DPSU’s like HAL, this hand holding has been done for decades, even to the extent of making them complacent


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