AERO INDIA: The Naval Eurofighter Typhoon Concept

Photos by Shiv Aroor

13 thoughts on “AERO INDIA: The Naval Eurofighter Typhoon Concept”

  1. Wow.
    I'm seeing conformal fuel tanks, thrust-vectoring nozzles: is that a new OLS pod above the left canard?
    I wonder if they've made any mention of the weapons package being offered with it to the Indian Navy? There was a rumour going around that the Meteor was on offer as part of both the MRCA and Naval acquisition, any word on that?

  2. This carrierborne Typhoon is even more phony than heavilly overhyped Silent Hornet. Even Britts have never been interested nor had sufficient funds for a EF-2000 carrier version development. So unless India is ready to finance hypothetical 'Sea Typhoon' R&D stage that plane will never take to the air.

  3. Hi Shiv,
    Typhoon almost looks like a 'Bomb Truck' . This is a good plane and considering its a front runner in MRCA deal, it should be in good stead. Lot of development potential.

    India , by partnering the Europeans can gain a lot being the single largest customer @ 200 odd numbers all put together.

    It sure is better than F35


  4. Technically, the Brits have been interested in a Navy Typhoon: it was one of their candidates, to go on their CVF.
    BAe modeled a Naval Typhoon for that comparison.
    The Brits just prefered the F-35.

    Also, the Spanish then made an experimental aircraft to demonstrate using Thrust Vectoring on a delta-cannard, to allow it to land in a very short space.
    But it wasn't demonstrated on a Typhoon.

    So, you are right to point out that it doesn't exist yet, so India would have to pay for it. (And run the risk of it failing.)

  5. Ironic, one of the primary reasons why France left the Eurofighter program was because they were not ready to make a carrier variant. And now they are.

  6. But doesn´t this just seem like an implicit admission by Eurofighter GmbH that Rafale´s ready-to-go carrier capacity is a very strong asset?

    Certainly the funds needed to actually develop this capacity, to whatever extent it is feasable (no data on bring-back capacity, etc), could be just as well applied to helping co-fund development of the F5 ´stealth Rafale´ with advanced new radar/IR/RWR/engines/stealth(active+passive).

    What is the relevance of MMRCA with naval application for India? IN already has MiG-29 for it´s medium term needs, and is involved in defining the scope of AMCA. If AMCA goes smoothly, they will have zero need for another platform. If it goes like most other programs worldwide, there may be a small window where at the least MiG-29K would need to be seriosly upgraded. Of course, F-35 is mentioned in context of IN, but besides the zero control over the black-boxes (not even for UK), does it make sense to induct such an expensive platform as a temporary measure before AMCA? In that case, the OPTION (depending on Mig-29 upgrade options and Naval AMCA schedule) of a naval fighter already being produced indigenously is obvious… And an F5 stealth Rafale sharing infrastrucutre with IAF seems to hit the sweet-spot here, in my opinion.

    Of course, possible gaps in IN fighters a decade out isn´t the PRIMARY concern of MMRCA, but to the extent one wants to ay attention to this aspect that Eurofighter is emphasizing…


    The F35 is a failure. The Rafale will not be upgraded like the Typhoon will be and non of the other aircraft are nowhere near the strengh of the typhoon. Typhoon is nearly as powerful as a F22 in manueverability. And with TVN will succeed it. Plus the Eurofighter has detected a stealth bomer before. So in a way it has been tested against stealth at long range. Plus the Eurofighter has got its own stealthy features to reduce the Frontal RCS which is good when going towards another aircraft in a battle and with (tested) IRST against stealth aircraft the Eurofighter will beat any stealth.

    Eurofighter should get the deal. Why? Because its better.


  8. I don't see the camera necessary for the pilot to be able to see the carrier when landing … The Eurofighter was not conceived as a carrier plane and thus has a big radome that diminish frontal downward visibility. I have also some doubts about the thrust vectoring. If you use it for taking off or landing, you risk destroying your deck with the high temperature. I heard that this is a major issue with the F35.

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