Airbus-Mahindra Announce JV For Indian Helo Goldmine

Big development in the goldmine that is India’s military helicopter requirement landscape. Airbus Helicopters and India’s Mahindra Defence have announced a joint venture that will fight for the many big Indian helicopter competitions. As with most such things these days, it looks to align itself with PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign.
Both companies will now get into discussions to finalize the formation of the joint venture which will act as the prime contractor for India’s military helicopter tenders including the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Helicopter, the Naval Utility Helicopter and the Naval Multirole Helicopter procurement programs. The resulting joint venture aims to become the first private Indian helicopter manufacturer under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. This will create hundreds of high-tech jobs locally and lead to a flow of cutting edge technologies to India should it be selected in the governmental helicopter tenders,” a joint statement said.

10 thoughts on “Airbus-Mahindra Announce JV For Indian Helo Goldmine”

  1. This is a move scuttle similar choppers on the drawing boards of ADA/DRDO and HAL. Such moves are an excellent means to launder kickbacks from foreign arms merchants using Indian Pvt Cos with no background or expertise in aviation of defense.
    India spends more than 40% of it's expenditure only on defense or allied activities. Where 90% of that expenditure only goes towards servicing arms imports and payment of salaries/pensions, it's no wonder why almost all big business houses want to enter into defense production even though they've next to zero capability.
    This new dispensation wants to destroy state owned military industrial complex in favor of one which is owned by foreign arms OEMs and shady Indian Pvt Cos under the guise of "make in India" and not "made in India".

  2. Great. If Airbus provide cutting edge technologies and generate new jobs and build aero component eco system then real winner is Indian aerospace industry.

  3. Sir,
    All these JV.s are being declared, MOU.s are being signed but how many are in implementation phase ! What is the latest on TATA-Airbus deal ?? Is any agreement is signed ??

  4. Gold mine or coal mine …time will speak for itself. Moreover MAH has signed a gazillion deals with other defense majors and not one of them has come through. So whats the hullabol ? One more paid article I presume.

  5. All your sceptics….wait and see how this blossoms. Someone asked about the Airbus Tata deal. The partnership is very much on,the Govt has to award the contract.

  6. Considering pathetic development of helicopters by HAL, this is a welcome addition to heli manufacturing sector. TATA is already making critical components for Sikorsky S-92. Anyone who opposes private companies entering Indian defense market is a paid or unpaid puppet of crony, corrupt, anti-national, socialist PSUs

  7. Sentinel at 8:11,
    Why do you say private defense companies have zero capability? Explain L&T – builds Pinaka, critical components of Arihant nuclear program among other things. TATA: builds Sikorsky S-92 fuselage, heavy engineering equipment including heavy trucks, software solutions for advanced applications, electronics for classified Indian programs. Kirlosker- that builds Diesel engines for Indian frigates, gearboxes for ships. Mahindea builds light vehicles for army and Air Force. This is no joke but serious capacity. Obviously, you are deaf to truth.

  8. The present goverment deserves to be complemented for showing a sense of urgency , in clearing the Russian Ka- 226T as the replacement helicopter for the aging fleet of Cheetah/Chetak , under the buy and make in India route . Last week Russian Helicopters have informed the MOD about selection of Reliance defence as the indian partner for the proposed JV .

    This is a significant development , towards the make in India campaign , where a private player has been nominated as the lead integrator for assembly of Ka-226 T in India , under TOT from Russian Helicopters .

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