All Clear: India To Sign Deal For 36 Rafales This Month

The all-clear is here, and there’s no way to tell it but straight. Livefist can confirm that India and France are all set to sign a government-to-government deal this month for the supply of 36 Dassault Rafale fighter jets to the Indian Air Force. A crucial final meeting on Monday, Jan 18 of the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) will provide final approval, paving the way for contract signature. France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, a man plenty familiar with India as a result of the meandering Rafale process, arrives in Delhi when the DAC meets, spurring reports that an agreement has already been reached — with formalities pending.

Livefist can also confirm that unresolved issues pertaining to offsets and pricing have been ironed out. Expect details later this week.

All 36 jets will be supplied in flyaway form from Dassault’s facility near the Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport. The deal will be signed on January 25 in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi & French President François Hollande who will be in Delhi later this month as chief guest at India’s Republic Day Parade.

7 thoughts on “All Clear: India To Sign Deal For 36 Rafales This Month”

  1. Shiv 1)Is there a possibility of follow on order for more Rafale,s under option clause? 2) Also when the armament package for the Rafale is going to be ordered? Can you confirm whether meteor , storm shadow is going to be ordered?

  2. It is black day for choosing an extremely expensive fighter which is well below the performance of F 35 and India can buy two at the price of one Rafale. I am disappointed and in one year lets have a dogfight between tejas MK 1A with Rafale and you would know what I am talking about. The French do not have the production capacity to give it in two years and every usable item would be extremely expensive to use. It would be a great idea to spend that money to have sufficiant numbers of tejas with two engines and internal weapons bay and devlop AMCA. And upgrade all the remaining fleet with spares readily available.

  3. The purchase of 36 Rafales was a fait accompli the day Hollande agreed to be the Chief Guest for 2016 Republic day. The real scoop would be to clarify whether Dassault will set up one Production line in India (as reported in the media) and if yes, the new numbers on Rafale or whether Snecma will help HAL enhance the Kaveri Jet engine to achieve the required thrust for Tejas. Reliance on GE engines will not help Tejas get too far.

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