Indian Army Scouts For Medium Range Loitering Missile

The Indian Army has said it is interested in procuring unspecified numbers of a new medium range Loitering Missile (LM) system, and has sent out Requests for Information to firms in Israel (IAI Malat), France (MBDA) and the US (Raytheon). A glance through the RFI shows the Army is interested in a system with capabilities that include top-attack and the ability to abort an attack after target lock (and re-designate). The Army wants a system where the launcher can be mounted on a Tatra truck. More soon.

Photo of MBDA’s Fire Shadow LM demonstrator

7 thoughts on “Indian Army Scouts For Medium Range Loitering Missile”

  1. I don't understand why the army wants to purchase each and every defence system in the world. And again when it is asked about it's preparedness about waging war ( as was asked after 9/11 attacks), they answer is in "if's and but's". I dont help but suspect, it is more to do with vested financial intrests than countrys defence.

  2. Well, friends you are forgetting that we are talking about one of the most corrupt – if not most corrupt insitutions in India. Yes, we are talking about the not so great anymore 'Indian army' . Jai Hind!!

  3. yes, Indian army is corrupt. Some people would blame the bureaucrats but remember one thing, politicians or their assistants don't reject indigenous equipments. It is always the army which initiates the idea of buying abroad. After that only bureaucrats come in to the scene.

    Indian army is involved in lot of scams. Most of the time top ones are involved.

    Egg scam
    BMP infantry vehicle sub standard parts scam

    Land scam
    Rejection of Arjun scam

    Unfortunately, brave foot soldiers pay the price because of some traitors in uniform at the top level.

  4. Guys…i dont know whether u all know that at each point our army has proved their abilties….the people who cant see the kargil but rather see the land scam or such people dosn't deserve to be called an indian…let them motivate to move on and remember there is no major attacks after 9/11…this is all because of our RAW and defence…i salute them for their hardwork…jaihind:)

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