Army’s New Norms For Commendation Badges

The Indian Army has decided that from now on, only two types of Commendation Badges will beworn on the uniform — a) COAS Commendation Badges and (b) Army Commendation (the term “Army” encompasses all GOsC-in-C, ARTRAC and VCOAS with respect to award of Commendation Badges). Commendation Badge awarded more than once will be denoted by a star (eg second occasion will be denoted by a single star, third by two stars and so on) A maximum of three stars will be permitted in each of the Commendation Badge (viz COAS Commendation Badge and Army Commendation Badge) Only one each of the above, when awarded, will be worn immediately above and on either side of the button of the flap of the left breast pocket. Individuals awarded the CNS/CAS Commendation cards can continue to wear the CNS/CAS Commendation badge as long as they are posted to Navy/Air Force/Tri Service organizations. On reversion to Army they will wear the COAS commendation badge. Service Chief’s Commendation Card awarded more than once will be depicted by a star. Individuals posted to Navy/Air Force/tri service organizations can wear the Commendation Badge of that service/establishment only for the duration of their tenure. On reversion to Army, they will wear the Army Commendation Badge. In case these individuals have already been awarded or are awarded later an Army Commendation Badge then the tri service Commendation Badge will be represented by a star on the Army Commendation Badge.

6 thoughts on “Army’s New Norms For Commendation Badges”

  1. This is a direct resultant of jealousy experienced by senior officers who do not have enough brass on their chests. They used to feel burnt out when they saw some officers with multiple commendations on their chests. As a result, they decided to introduce this stupid star system. Tell me, does anyone bring a magnifying glass and see the number of stars on a badge ? How would one get to know as to how many times a person has been decorated. Moreover, these amendments have been carried out through a letter by the Ceremonial and Welfare Directorate with sanction of the 'competent authority'. Have they discussed this radical change in Army Commanders' conference, or just moved up a noting sheet and got the initials of the AG and issued this letter ? The latter is more likely.

  2. a positive and good does not need to display all decorations like a show case …work speaks better than words/display…..and reputation reaches all even before u commendation whether one or more is enough for people to know ur worth…regards

  3. Unfortunately the only difference between a soldier who has slogged for years in a field area and the one cooling his ass in an AC room has been swept under the carpet by one indifferent stroke of the pen… Alas! my brethren, the pen is mightier than the sword!

  4. The very purpose of medals and medallions and rank badges is to let everyone know what a soldier have been through and what has he done in his service. His brethren and subordinates thus know his mettle and recognize and respect instantaneously.

    A soldier without uniform and a uniform without brassware is incomplete. Only civilian and that too stupid civilian will look at the uniform full of decoration as showcase and soldiers world over will look such worthy of uniform and medals with admiration and respect.

    The order under reference has been very incorrect and stupid to say it mildly! It seems handiwork of jealous civilians or pompous disgruntled army officers (I suspect both as cohorts) as otherwise such order is unwarranted. The disc itself is small and the stars are so small that you have to have telescope or magnifying glass to see the difference.

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